Time to Make America LOVE Again!

This morning I decided to go browse my Facebook feed to see what the world was up to. Oh what a clusterfuck it was. To my dismay it was yet another diatribe of bullshit spewed forth by people who have nothing better to say. At least nothing constructive. What I mean is this:

On a daily basis, I see hate, ignorance, and pure evil flowing forth like Niagara Falls. No matter the topic at hand, Politics, Religion, Race, Gender, Who’s lives matter more than another… the list goes on. Wake up~ We all matter equally. Hate is dominating, I’m not sure if it’s coming from a point of view of pure evil, sheer misunderstanding of another persons personal beliefs, or ignorance that there are all kinds of people who make the world go round. Unfortunately within the mix evil exists. Hate exists, and it’s sickening me to my core.

People don’t realize that a snide comment about a person’s character, gender,  or sexual preference, has far more reaching consequences than the topic at hand. This morning I was compelled to write a post, (it is shown below) which some could assume is just about politics.



Sorry to disappoint you, but politics may be what I’m seeing today specifically, but generally speaking, attacks about another persons character happen all the time. Either in a meme or in a direct comment/post etc. Shows so much maturity and intelligence when you’re attacking someone in that manner.

The old saying, “What you say about another person says more about you as a person, than it does about the person whom you’re talking about” Yes it speaks volumes. How can you be taken seriously if all you do is attack?

These comments have far more reaching consequences than the immediate moment. They travel through time and space and occupy the deepest crevices of our mind. They grow with us, with our children, and future generations. One could argue that a simple meme depicting ignorance about a political figure, sexual preference or anything for that matter is simply trivial. But in reality those small fissures in time of arrogance set a precedent for future attacks upon people. It’s a wonderful thing to teach the youth of today, an untarnished mindset that is still evolving and developing. Showing them that if you don’t like someone for their perceived differences just tell them to go fuck off, that they don’t matter,  they are not important, their point of view is irrelevant, they are worthless, they are wrong, and you’ve got the perfect meme to show them just how wrong they are.
Because at the end of the day, all the little comments made about someone different from you, who doesn’t agree with you, because your point of view matters more, is just what the world needs more of.
No, Dorothy what the world needs more of is Love, Compassion, Understanding, Acceptance, Open Mindedness, and all around RESPECT for each other.
There are certain things that make us who we are as individuals, it’s either Biological, or Environmental. Guess what I think it is that makes a person so hateful…Then again, what do I know? I don’t have a catchy meme to go with this post, do I?

My Mom Loves Meghan Trainor’s NO song

Thanks Megan TrainorHeading out to my doctor’s appointment the other day and my mom was my co pilot. I haven’t seen much of her lately, it’s sad but true, I’ve been neglecting quality time with her and I miss it terribly. Although she does get on my nerves as all wonderful mothers do 😉 yesterday was like any other day with her. Except we were having a disagreement over the freaking radio of all things.

When I go to the doctor, especially the gynecologist I need to destress and make sure my blood pressure is under control. I don’t know why but it goes higher when I get there. I love my doctor he is really great, I think it’s just being there kinda thing, I mean think about it no one really likes going to the gyno. Right? lol.

As we’re mosying along listening to the radio, catching up with each other over our cups of coffee, I’m channel surfing on the radio. I hate every song that’s playing, it’s irritating the fuck out of me, if it’s not some old school rap or Whitney Houston song that’s blasting, it’s some funky country tune and it’s all like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Then pops Meghan Trainor’s “NO” song and I give it a second or two and hit the search function. Not realizing Mom is singing along to Meghan! WTF

My name is no
My sign is no
My number is no

Yes she’s singing along and all of a sudden I snap out of my trance and glance at her and start laughing.

“Seriously, Mom are you singing along, and you know the lyrics?”
“Yes, it’s a catchy song. I hear it all the time on WBLI, and well it reminds me of my younger days when I was single and would go out to the Hampton’s and party with my friends”
“Really, how so?”
“Well it’s a meat market out there, as it is almost any club or bar you’d go to. But like the song says…

Thank you, I don’t wanna dance
If I want a man, then I’ll get a man
(Paraphrasing because these aren’t the exact lyrics)

“Today’s day and age isn’t any different from it was back in the 70’s, people are the same the years have just changed. But this song is a good one, she’s got a good point. Priorities, and knowing what you want and going after it. It’s a catchy tune”

As she finishes her sentence the song which had mellowed out in the background automatically seemed to get louder…

My name is no
My sign is no
My number is no

She was singing along again and trails off.

“Oh boy it even reminds me of your father. At the time, I was dating a Nuclear Physicist, and working at the Adult/Nursing Home. There was a Christmas party and I had been told by the ladies in food services that he really liked me. I had absolutely no interest in him and told him to leave me alone. At the Christmas party I brought the guy I was dating and your father had the balls to come up to me and ask me to dance. The nerve of him.”

“Apparently you said yes, Mom.”

“Like the song says…NO. I told him I was with someone and I couldn’t dance with him. He wasn’t too happy, and that led to him pursuing me.”

“And here we are 41 years later…”

My Name is no
My sign is no
My number is no

Perfect timing and the song kicks in again, we both laugh and giggle and I tell her about one of the other songs Meghan Trainor wrote and how I blogged about it.

“Oh God are you gonna blog about me now, would you really do that to your, Mother? Talking about how love is blind and all that jazz. How I went for the Hippy with the long hair and ripped jeans, and left the Nuclear Physisist? Well one wonderful thing happened from it all, and I wouldn’t change it. If I had the chance to do it all over again I would. I got you from it so that’s like hitting the jackpot” She says with a smile and a glimmer in her eyes.

Yes Mom I will, and I did, because I love you. You have shown me year after year and day after day that no matter what is happening in our lives, a little musical interlude always does the soul good. Even if it’s some catchy tune by Meghan Trainor. Especially if her music can spark a memory of yours and we can share in that memory.

Thanks Meghan Trainor. I never thought I’d say those words before.

#AtoZChallenge V is for Good Vibes


I’m sure you’ve undoubtedly heard the above saying during your lifetime, but how often do you really take notice of what it’s saying?

The vibe you possess and give off to the universe is the vibe you get in return. Like Karma returning to you as you send it out to the world with your actions, words, and good or bad doings. All things come back around.

So if at the end of the day you feel that your tribe is lacking sorely, then you should take inventory of your vibe that you’re putting out to the world. If your portraying negative vibes, you’re going to attract just that. However when meeting new people I immediately get a sense of them, their vibe no doubt. I often try not to overthink about this particular fact, but let’s be honest, first impressions especially a sneaky, conniving, despicable vibe is not one to just look over.

Those first instincts, gut instincts we get about people are 99% of the time spot on truth. So if your sensing negative vibes from those around you, and you don’t want to be surrounded by negativity ( I mean really who want’s that nastiness in their circle) then move on. It will do you so much good to keep moving on and away from the negative nellies.

And at the end of the day a little old school Marky Mark Good Vibrations always does some good. At least I think so 😉

#AtoZChallenge R is for Roman Payne

I’m in love with Roman Payne quotes, just as much as I am in love with Rumi quotes. Something about the way they have with words just ignites within me a passion for words themselves, if that’s at all possible.

Below are a sampling of quotes from Roman Payne’s, The Wanderess.

Just as a painter paints, and a ponderer pondersa writer writes,and a wanderer wanders

“A gothic mystery novel and story of passion and romance set against the backdrop of a timeless Mediterranean landscape, The Wanderess tells of the notorious adventurer Saul and his passion for the beautiful Saskia, a mysterious young orphan girl whom he meets and vows to protect as his child. The Wanderess is a love story, a novel of heroism, friendship and romance, portraying the lives of two unsettled vagabonds led by their own strange desires, mutual obsessions, and one single fortune.” Amazon

Wanderss quote

Wanderess=Wanderlust there’s no wonder why I have an affinity for, The Wanderess.

“As for you girls, you must risk everything for Freedom, and give everything for Passion, loving everything that your hearts and your bodies love. The only thing higher for a girl and more sacred for a young woman than her freedom and her passion should be her desire to make her life into poetry, surrendering everything she has to create a life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in her imagination.” Roman Payne.

#AtoZChallenge P is for Persnickety Politics

Random MusingsandWanderlustI’ve often kept my true feelings about taboo subjects to myself, because my Mom taught me to never have those conversations. Never discuss religion, politics, or abortion. Other people may not have the same outlook on those subjects as you do, and only bad things can come of their discussion, and as we’ve gotten older there is more emphasis on being politically correct.

I tend to think otherwise, especially with light of the Presidential election looming not too far in the near future. Sure bad things may come of opening a can of worms and discussing politics among our friends, but to stifle my own point of view in hopes to keep the peace, does no one, including myself any justice. I matter, my opinion matters, and even the opinion of those I don’t agree with, matter. I don’t have to agree with you, nor you me, but I welcome valid, well informed, intelligent opinions that don’t resort to  “You don’t know what your little liberal ass is talking about” remark. When you bring the level of conversation down, it leaves me no choice but to think less of you, less of your opinion, because you don’t have a valid ground to stand on.

So when I scroll through my Facebook news feed and see simple minded “Trump is Awesome” meme’s or “Hillary is a Whore” it makes me wonder why do you think he is all that awesome? Or why you would resort to insulting her as a woman (which let’s be clear is disgusting to stoop that low) and not her political stance. Why strike below the belt with insults? Insults and mud slinging of personal attacks make you sound like a child on a playground who isn’t getting their way and has nothing else left to say.Actually that’s insulting to a child, who hopefully will be brought up to not resort to those low blows.

Trump’s opinions and his way of expressing them, make him look foolish, and those who follow along blindly with his antics make me wonder why they agree with his ideologies. He’s nothing like what I would hope my next President would embody. His views on women or immigration, just to name a few, as well as his demeanor and attitude are in my opinion less than stellar. In fact they are so far fetched, I truly wonder why anyone could agree with him on so many of these topics. People in the media have called him politically incorrect, his views represent that of which put down those who don’t abide his standards. I ask, what makes him, or anyone else for that matter, a better person than the next?

I ask you, those who are endorsing him, to please enlighten me as to WHY he is all that and a bag of chips. I guess for all intents and purposes I am a Liberal in the eyes of many. Although a registered Conservative since I’m 18, and I always vote up and down party lines. I am open to differing views, and  I am accepting of  all people regardless of their ideologies, sexual preferences, income status, races, and even political affiliation. Yes that’s including people I don’t necessarily agree with, because if at the end of the day if I don’t accept you for your differing opinion, how can I expect you to also accept me? Granted there are plenty of people who do not hold my same convictions and are judgy mcjudgersons to the 10th degree.

But that is what makes this society what it is. Because it takes ALL kinds of people to make up this world and we don’t all always have to agree with one another, but let’s also not bash each other for our view points. If we don’t agree with one another, there is no reason to resort to antics, stand your ground, hold true your convictions and values, but remember at the end of the day, not everyone will or has to agree with you, and that’s ok!

#AtoZChallenge: F is for F.Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald had a way with words, and that’s putting it mildly. His expression of love and admiration still rings true, and has the same impact all these years later. Not only are his love quotes meaningful, so are his quotes on writing and life in general.

I’ve often found deep meaning in his quotes. You can almost get lost within them, at least I can. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite, F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes.

If you have a favorite of his that isn’t listed, please share it below.




International Women’s Day