I’m Single and I still have LOVE for Valentines Day!

73f894d20e68241dabdd0077a77e0e58Valentines Day isn’t lost on me this year because I’m single

Sure the over abundance of social media posts like Facebook statuses, from everyone proclaiming their love for their spouse or significant other is on full-blown overload. So be it. Let them have at it. I may be cynical and slightly jaded about some things, but LOVE isn’t one of them…to an extent.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are “those” people who have that constant need to feed into the social media profession of their love for one another, ohhhh but what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. Trust me most of those people who gush words of love are totally bullshitting.

I love you babe, sweetie, honey pie, snuckums. You’re the air I breathe, the wind beneath my wings, the coconut milk to my mocha choca latte.

Their lives aren’t perfect, they are showing you what they want. Not everyone, but most. I feel, and I’ve witnessed first hand, the ones who are constantly showing their love online, lead less than desirable lives behind closed doors. That perfect marriage, that perfect couple, if they are together a week, or ten years, all have moments they’d rather not share.

As do we all. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns over here either.

You read this blog enough, I mention I’m single, I have no problem with that. Would I like to not be? Well of course. Do I need to be in a relationship? No. It would be nice though, someone to compliment me and my life. That, I’m interested in that.

But just because I’m single now, doesn’t mean I have hatred for this holiday, or cupid, or people who are genuinely in love with one another. I’m happy for them. I was one of them at a few points in my life. So I, like anyone else who has ever been in love to turn around and say they hate cupid, or this hallmark holiday, is really contradicting themselves. Seriously if you were involved in a relationship of whatever kind right now, you wouldn’t have so much hatred for this day.

I agree, that the idea of this as a holiday is kind of annoying.  I never, during any of my relationships would expect to get the flowers, chocolates, or jewelry. If however my partner wanted to do those things, I would not stop them, that’s  their way of showing affection. I prefer a card, or note, or a homemade meal. But that’s me.

Even in the “buy yourself a Valentine scenario” I’ll buy myself whatever I want any day of the year, and just as that’s the case, so should showing your true love and affection for your partner. Don’t just think today is the day to do it all and make up for lost time. Hint~ It never works out.

Also what’s the deal with people who will settle to just have someone, anyone, to go out with on this day. I mean seriously, there are people who would just be with anyone, and I understand this isn’t just a Valentines Day situation, it happens quite a bit.

Oh we’re both lonely, let’s spend the day/night/a few hours together. How’s that sound to you?

Um, no thank you, I’d rather be alone!

For this reason, I even avoided my dating site profile yesterday and today. The messages are coming in, but honestly, for me it’s not a day to start something. If I’m talking to someone that’s different, they probably have my cell number anyway. People who will settle for just anyone really irks me, yeah I might be picky, and that might be my issue, but I’d rather be happy and alone than settle for just anyone to fill a temporary void. Because that’s primarily what it will end up being. Ok maybe there’s that 1% chance it might lead to more. But doubtful.

Call me cynical, jaded, whatever you can think of, but don’t call me a hater of love. I still believe in it. I still believe it exists, somewhere in the universe for me. It will happen when it’s supposed to and with the right person. I’m thankful for the near misses, and cupids stinking crooked arrow, even when he was totally off. And boy he’s been off on occasion. He also completely missed me this year. Well by the looks of the clock, we’ve got 32 minutes  left for Valentines Day, so there might be a shot. HA a shot, not really, because I’m home comfy cozy in my squishy socks and pjs relaxing with this storm. But who says Cupid only works on Valentines Day. Maybe he does work the rest of the year.

See hope still springs eternal.

My eyes and heart are open 365 days a year, 366 on leap year too. So anything is possible with that cute little cherub and his arrow. Although I prefer the above photo of this particular cupid, verses the chubby cherub. 😉

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Much Love to you all, today and every day of the year!! First and foremost you must remember, be happy with yourself, love yourself, and be open to the true happiness in life.

Those are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for today ❤


13 thoughts on “I’m Single and I still have LOVE for Valentines Day!

  1. Love this. Me too. I can feel cynical sometimes, but when it really gets down to it I find nothing wrong with love. I am a romantic at heart. They’re all kinds of love in this world. Good luck finding it.


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