A to Z 2015 wrap up and reflection time!


Okiedokie folks it’s that time (at least that’s what I’ve been seeing on my feed today  yesterday) for a wrap up of the month of April and the 2015 A to Z Challenge.

It was an interesting ride to say the least.

I committed back in the middle of March to write 26 posts, all alphabetical and centered around a theme for the A to Z Challenge. The theme for me was Randomness. Which in itself may not have been considered a theme, but to me it was. I am Random Musings and Wanderlust afterall 🙂

Some notes along the way…

  • Most bloggers pre planned their posts weeks in advance, if not further. I didn’t do this. Winging it and going with the flow, I basically blogged daily about whatever I wanted, as long as it coresponded to the days letter.
  • Some also scheduled their posts to show up at specific times (mainly at midnight, so that those folks in other time zones could get a view of the posts)  I did this on some days where I was ahead of the game. But I did notice the days I did schedule the posts to go live between 12am-9am my views of those posts were significantly less. (I usually blog a little later between 11am-5pm, or the really late night musing posts)
  • Some posts that I thought would work great for the challenge weren’t flowing properly or running way too long for the short length of the majority of posts out there. So I had to switch gears about 4 times.
  • Finding A to Z-ers through the sign up that were actually participating was hard. Some dropped out by the time I got around to visiting.
  • Commenting on posts on the Blogger format were difficult at first. Some bloggers didn’t have comments enabled and although I would have liked to leave comments, I found myself bypassing a lot of posts because of this.
  • I wish I was able to visit more blogs (there were over 1300 I believe) and between life and my own posting it was difficult to keep up. I even was lacking in my regular blog follows and visiting their posts as I normally would.

As for stats.

I noticed most bloggers who are doing this wrap up post are discussing their stats. For my humble blog, which started back in July of 2014 but I really didn’t start devoting time until January of this year, really had some nice stats. I think.

I should have thought ahead and taken some photos before tonight, so I could have gotten some idea of the first week of April. This is what I’ve learned from my stats.

  • The week of April 13, the 3rd week of the challenge, I had my most amount of weekly visitors. I haven’t been able to find a weekly comparison from prior weeks to judge.
  • March 2015 I had 1,015 views with an increase to 1,395 in April
  • The A to Z challenge page with the link up of all 1K plus participants only yielded 35 referrals, vs the Facebook and Search Engine searches wich were significanly more in my opinion. Now I’m not sure exactly how either of those work or how they are garnered. I do have the Facebook Blog page, which my stats there are dismal so unless those refereals are from shares that I don’t see the end line of then it’s possible.
  • Although I don’t have a photo to support it, I tracked my WP followers over the month and from April 1st ~ April 30th, I gained 65 followers. Not including Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and email. Just straight subscribers/followers of the WP site.
  • Also no photo to show, but I noticed that visitors were maybe not that high for a particular day, but yet their views were pretty interesting.

So although I don’t have another challenge period to compare my stats to, I can compare to my previous months.

  • March 2015. Posts=21. VPV= 2.6. Visitors=388. Views = 1015
  • April 2015.    Posts=40. VPV= 2.70 Visitors=516 Views = 1395
  • Best day for Visitors and Comments April 17th for my OPEN HOUSE post. 46 Visitors 37 Comments
  • Best day for Views April 18th. Pluviophile and Weekend Coffee Share posts. 108 views
  • Best day for Likes April 20th. Q is for Quirky Girl and Daydreaming. 59 likes

What does this teach me?

I haven’t the slightest clue 😉 OK not really. I actually learned that although this challenge was great for me finding quite a few new bloggers to follow, and keep me on a daily writing schedule…I feel burned out. Now you’d probably wonder how that’s possible. I don’t work but yet my life here is pretty hectic and a lot of running around to do, the tick bite I suffered,and also trying to find the time between doctor appointments for Twinkle Toes, being without a computer for a few days, and relying soley on my iPhone 4 to do my posting, it was time consuming.

Writers Block hit me ironically on the day W was scheduled. I swear I didn’t plan this. I did not want this to happen. I had planned on writing about Wanderlust. Hello look who’s the brain power behind this blog haha. But I didn’t have it in me. Serendipidisly writers block was what NEEDED to be written about that day. It’s still lingering on a little longer than I’d like but I’m about to kick it to the curb like the unwanted visitor it is. 🙂

Your 4 most interested (A to Z) posts for the Month of April are:

Non A to Z posts of major interest

As I put A to Z April 2015 to bed, I will say these few words about the experience. It was interesting, creative, tiring, and enjoyable. Will I do it again? Possibly. Will I go with a more structured theme? I don’t think so. I like random as a theme. Will I Schedule posts earlier? No. My readers seem to get me in the later hours and that’s when I’m most creative as it is. So if I go with another challenge it will be on my timeline. I should have participated in the Twitter A to Z Chats, but I was never around during the scheduled times. All in all it was a great experience. But I need a nap. 🙂

I want to thank everyone who came along for the journey. Wether you were here for a few stops along the way, the whole ride to the end of the line, or you hopped on and off through out. I thank each and every single one of you. It’s been fun. And I’ll say that the rest is yet to come…


A to Z Challenge, This Zaftig girl ROCKS!

Autoschediastic by nature
with an inner Beauty flowing forth,
only by balancing her Chakras
will her Dreams become reality

A strong Epithymy for the deepest wants and needs,
this Fit Fat Fabulous Female
who is strictly Gluten Free
finds pleasure and Happiness in the most peculiar things

Her Intuition and Instincts must be set free
As she’s Jammin along to this thing called life
She never lets the Keraunophobia or other fears
stand in the way of pure Limerance

With a strong will and Motivation
instilled years before from her Nonna
she will forever Open her house and heart
to those wandering souls of the world

Pluviophile at heart
and a self-proclaimed Quirky girl
forever with Romance on her mind,
Self confidence and Typhlobasia will remain her work of art

Unbroken by the trials of life
but suffering a case of Vernalagnia
and sometimes, Writers block
she often has needs for an Xscape

With no need for men
who are Yemeles with their kisses
This Zaftig girl

d519060e0b5538e71d0bb859d586f485d29a0fc503754d575379443363dc2d65The final post for the April 2015 A to Z challenge is brought to you by the letter Z.

ZAFTIG~ A woman possessing a voluptuous figure, curvaceous, plump, 1930s: Yiddish, from German saftig ‘juicy.’

A to Z Challenge Y for Yemeles

Shattered pieces strewn about

Displayed ever so gracefully

Tiny cracks in the surface

Cleverly disguised from the naked eye

Yet capable of holding so much

Crevices, like the curves on my body

Piercing light cascading in

Overflowing with fears and doubts

Filling beyond the brim

Kindness, love, hopes, and dreams

All dashed in a fleeting moment

It came as a crushing blow

How was I to know

You would be yemeles

With your kiss

In that moment anger swelled

But with time it’s been quelled

There’s much peace in letting go

photo credit: Sleepy via photopin (license)

photo credit: Sleepy via photopin (license)

Today’s A to Z challenge is brought to you by the letter Y. Y for ~

Adj. – An Old English and Middle English word meaning “careless, heedless, negligent” – Pronounced as “yeem-lis,”

A to Z Challenge, Xscape

The 1990’s yeah they are a throwback.

So let’s talk some music. In my random theme for the A to Z Challenge, it’s a little hard to come up with an idea for X. I was going to talk about Xena the Warrior Princess, oh how I loved that tv show, but I wasn’t feeling it. Then I thought maybe discuss Xiphosura but I couldn’t find my photo of a horseshoe crab in my files and didn’t want to use a stock photo.

Then as fate or luck or whatever you’d like to call it, would have it… I was listening to an R&B station today while taking a ride. Windows rolled down, wind in my hair, music turned up. Way up.

photo credit:  via photopin (license)

photo credit: via photopin (license)

I was thinking to myself ~~ I needed an Escape.

Then a little throwback Tuesday happened and XSCAPE came on the radio. Dang I haven’t heard this in forever. I had to take out the phone and Shazam the song. Even though a part of me knew just who it was, I wasn’t 100%sure. Gotta love the Shazam app!

So courtesy of the R&B station, here is today’s A to Z Challenge post, brought to you by the letter X for XSCAPE.

A to Z challenge. W is for Writers Block. 

It’s finally hit.

The wall.

A case of Writers block. My inspiration seems to have dried up. Hopefully just momentarily. I pondered writing about Wanderlust but even that is evading my weary mind.

Too much swirling around and yet not enough of what I want to be thinking about. I worked last night to write the post that branched off from weekend coffee share but it’s not sitting well with me.


Left in limbo.

A parallel of how I’m viewing my life right now. Seems fitting. But not acceptable.

I think it’s also a case of having my rhythm interrupted. I usually find inspiration late at night when things quiet down. At the local coffee shop. And on the trails.

But after my recent tick bite, I’ve avoided the trails, even when the weather has been decent enough. My other moments of creative inspiration seem to have taken an abrupt stop today as well. Too much interference, interruptions, distractions.

I need a RM&W cave lol. Like a man cave but for me to escape when I need to. One of those little reclusive spots in the back yard away from distractions. Yep I need one of these.



  • Do you have a specific location/time that you do your writing?
  • What do you do if your mojo gets interrupted? How do you find it again?
  • Any rituals to help the creativity flow when you’re feeling a little less inspired?

So I guess in retrospect, my mojo of inspiration, although not what I expected for today, turned out to inspire a little piece for today’s post anyway.

I also think I may have a future project on my hands and a few trips to the home improvement store ahead of me. I have two sheds in the back yard, and although they have been severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, I may have a bit of inspiration to renovate them into my RM&W space…. Now just to find the extra money to do such a project. Until then, I’ll just seek inspiration in other forms. Hopefully they appear soon.


Today’s A to Z Challenge post is brought to you by the letter W. W for Writers Block!!

A to Z Challenge. V is for Vernalagnia

Lilly awoke ever so feverously, not understanding what was bothering her. Nothing could quench her desires, or quell her fears. No matter what steps she took, her weary mind and soul still yearned for more. During the day she sought solace in the most comforting things, a hot cup of tea, soothing music, a great book, yet something was still amiss. What could so cleverly eluded her, even in her dreams?

Restless one evening, when even sleep couldn’t assuage these feelings, while wrapped in Seans loving embrace he cleverly surmised “Sweetheart, you’re clearly suffering from a severe case of Vernalagnia!”

Image courtesy of [Dynamite Imagery] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of [Dynamite Imagery] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Today’s A to Z Challenge post is brought to you by the letter V. (in flash fiction style, 100 words or less.) 

V for ~Vernalagnia Spring Fever.

* Also known as a romantic mood brought on by the budding season after the frosty, freezing, and often sunless months

A to Z Challenge. U is for Unbroken

Underneath his seemingly

Unmenacing exterior

Unbeknownst to her

Ultimately lied

Unfathomable lies

Unable to comprehend

Until the bitter end

Unravelling his cleverly disguised

Unctuous persona

Unfathomable details

Unfolded before her

Unwavering eyes

Unimaginably she remained



photo credit: Cover via photopin (license)

photo credit: Cover via photopin (license)