Wordless Wednesday 

Wordless Wednesday

#AtoZChallenge Z is for Zen

To end the A to Z Challenge I suggest everyone go find their Zen

For me right now it’s cuddled on the couch watching Doctor Who with my guy by my side and sipping a cup of tea out of my favorite coffee mug. 

Enjoy your weekend! ❤️

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday

#AtoZChallenge: D is for Daffodils & Determination

Daffodils are my favorite flower of all time. I believe it comes from when I was younger and my Nana would plant flowers and tend to the garden. I often remember the moments she would let me get my hands dirty in the soil and play with the worms. I was a bit of a tomboy as a small child and didn’t mind getting my hands dirty or working up a sweat, or even getting my head stuck between the oil tank and chimney when I was 7 lol. Yes I alone gave my mother agida of 10 boys lol.

I also have a love of daffodils because they were the first few buds and signs of spring after wet, cold winters and to me it was a sign of a birthday present from the earth. My birthday is March 1st and it’s often cold, dark and snow covered so by the time mid to late March arrives, I would start singing because that meant the nicer weather was on it’s way and I could go out and play in the dirt with my Nana. She would often go out into the yard and pull a few buds to bring in the house just for me.

As I’ve grown older, they signify fond memories of digging in the dirt, signs of spring eternal. More importantly, or more deeply they are a reflection of  life going on in the midst of harsh cold winters or personal struggles, determination in moving on when things seem tough, beauty in their simplicity, and that year after year in the same location so many years ago, these beautiful beauties still continue to bloom even if I don’t get my hands dirty in the dirt.

A to Z Challenge, A is for Azaleas

When my grandparents bought my home in the late 50’s they planted Azalea trees. Yes trees. Well back then, they were little shrubs I’m sure. But when I was born in 1975 those little shrubs took on a life of their own. They still line my walkway, and are a staggering 6 ft tall if not taller. Mind you, I’m only 5 ft so I can’t measure much higher 😉

Here is a photo of my Nana and I when I was about 2 months old, in 1975. For reference, Nana was about 5ft 5.


Fast forward 40 years later, and those little azaleas have blossomed to booming trees. I love my azaleas, but oh the poor snow does a number on them when it hits. The weight of the snow always has me worried that their massiveness wont make it through another harsh winter. But they are strong and survive time and time again.

I remember my Nana telling me that she would put old coffee grinds, and even used brillo pads in the dirt, because Azaleas love acidic soil. Any good search on care for Azaleas would tell you acidic soil is preferred for their growth, and some compost would help as well. I can’t guarantee you’d have 6ft Azaleas, but give it 57 plus years, and your grandkids just might have some to look at.


Today’s post is part of the April 2016 A to Z Challenge. Keep coming back to read more posts as the days go on. Each day corresponds to a different letter of the alphabet, and you never know what you’re gonna get with my posts, because I’m following a Random theme again this year.

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