Monday Musings Of Baby Shower Proportions

Welcome Monday morning, or afternoon as I’m sure this will finally get published. Hope your weekend was a splendid one, and you are refreshed and ready to hit this week running. Or at least have enough caffeine to get you out the door this morning.

My weekend was filled with some fun and relaxation, but was not met without some chaos. All good though and for good reason.

A dear friend of mine is having a baby. A baby boy to be exact, and she’s due almost any day. Well about a month from now. Her family held a baby shower for her this weekend, and as you all know I love me some babies. So I got to work for a few weeks trying to put together a really fun creative gift.

My creative juices were flowing, and I was scouring, what else but Pinterest for some really cute ideas. Diaper cakes, towel cakes, gift baskets, sock roses and bouquets, and the list can go on.

Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes to me, are well, kinda dirty lol.

Let me explain. The concept behind it is to buy a few packages of diapers, open them up, take the diapers out and arrange them in the shape of a tiered cake. Or in more creative aspects in the shape of a bike, bathtub, boat, etc. The idea of taking clean diapers out of their package, handling them, and exposing them to a handful of women who will be undoubtedly touching and passing around the arrangement, is gross to me. All those dirty hands on those clean diapers that are inevitably going to be put on your newborns tush just doesn’t sit well with me personally.

Although I love the creative idea of the cakes, I just couldn’t do a diaper cake. Through some more research, there were the towel cakes, and other ideas as well. Even a cake made of clothes and swaddling blankets. So that was my idea. A cake made with the swaddling blankets, clothes, and even sock cupcakes to boot.

That didn’t go as planned. I washed all the clothes, socks, washclothes and got to work on folding and rolling everything up. I disliked the progress and scraped the idea. Since I had bought a travel cake holder to use as part of the cake idea (Mom to be is an avid baker and would get use of the holder as well) I decided to work around that, and the sage green pop up storage bin I also purchased.

First came the idea of sock cupcakes.



Unfortunately I bought socks for 3-12 months and most tutorials online were using normal sized socks, or even crew socks. That’s not what I had, but I made it work. 20 pairs of socks were folded, rolled, and rubber banded to make 4 cupcakes.

Then the washcloth animals were next.


I didn’t know what kind to make, except that the nursery theme was similar to a Noah’s Ark theme with Elephants, Monkeys, Foxes, etc. I knew I could make a washcloth Elephant, and then needed to figure out what else I could whip up. So then came the ideas of Butterflies, and Bunnies.


I arranged the cupcakes, butterflies, and bunnies inside the cake holder, and added two elephants on the top of the cake holder handle to secure them.


Still having the sage green pop up basket which was the color scheme for the nursery as well, I was left with the decision on what to do next. Unfortunately my idea of the cake from earlier, using the clothes and blankets to wrap it up, was still  giving me a little trouble.

I decided to fill the basket with the diapers, wipes, and numerous outfits. Propping up the Elephant wall hanging behind some swaddling blankets, and adding in some spoons, pacifiers and a few extra goodies.

It wasn’t what I envisioned as my creative gift idea, but in the end, all the lovely ladies in attendance, and mom to be, loved the idea and wondered how I came up with, and made them. Even Dave’s boys thought it was all so cute, and wondered where I bought the gift basket. When I told them I made it, they were even more impressed. So was Dave. But he had confidence in me from the get go and knew it would turn out nice, even if it wasn’t my planned idea.

I finished everything on Friday night, for Saturday’s shower. Thankfully. And Sunday was a well deserved day of rest and relaxation with my guy. Just the two of us. We took an early morning walk, went out for breakfast, did a few errands, and came home to cook up some of our favorite Damn Good Chowder and some of the more recent Mini Cheesecake Cupcakes , this time in mint chocolate chip with Glutino Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cream Cookies (AKA~ GF Oreos)

I’d say it was a fabulous weekend, and I can’t wait to see what next weekend has to offer.

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