A to Z Challenge. B is for Bloggers Open House. 


Ok folks it’s that time again!

Bloggers Open House. 

Use this post to share a link to your site, or blog post you would like to have a little more traffic to.

The Blog community is a generous one, and what better way to show my thanks and support to all of you wonderful bloggers, than to open my humble page to your posts and pages.

I have often found new, interesting, and quite diverse array of blogs just by browsing the comment section of a blog I already follow.

You never know what you might stumble across through this thread. Or the A to Z Challenge thread as well. 

So my fellow bloggers take a moment, drop a link, or even share another bloggers page that you are quite fond of. This will be kept open throughout A to Z, and maybe even reused again during one of the other letters of the alphabet.

So enjoy! My door is always open!



Blog Open House ~ Happy Anniversary to me! 1 year Blogiversary that is.

Happy Anniversary to me!! 1 year Blogiversary that is!


What a wonderfully funny, entertaining, exciting, crazy, heart warming, roller coaster ride of a year it has been.

I’ve been slightly absent the last month or two, not posting as often or with consistency as I had been, but I always have my mind on my blog and my blog on my mind. As in the beginning of creating this blog I was slow on the take off. I really started devoting time to blogging during the month of November although creating the blog in July. I never wanted to just “write for writing sake” I wanted to have substance, something important to say, but I’ve realized that sometimes the ramblings in my mind and not having a set objective isn’t half bad to roll with when I think about it.

Just letting my thoughts and words out on the page is therapeutic. It helps me think through things that may be on my mind, or even just give a little view of my corner of the world to those who don’t live around here.

I also hinted in a previous post that when things seem to be going well for me, I also kind of go MIA a little in life. I keep things to myself for fear of jinxing the positivity that’s around me. Even some of my closest friends have pointed this out. I’m working on it. 🙂

I’m working on a lot of things actually.

This past year has had its low points, especially  in the beginning, which catapulted me into reviving this blog. Little did I know that it was essential and the boost I needed. I learned things about myself through blogging, and it helped me see what I like about my life and what I would like to change about it. Nothing drastic, but just little tweaks. It’s been an eye-opening year to say the least. It has also had its high points. Those ebbs and flows of the roller coaster of life and the high points are pretty damn amazing. I just need to let it go in the wise words of Elsa haha and let it go out to the blog world about the good things.

So with this Anniversary of the day I started my blog I would like to open my blog page to other bloggers, yet again, to join in my Anniversary Celebration. Please drop a link to your page below if you feel so inclined. I follow some amazing bloggers of varying topics, and it’s a shame if I can’t share their love of their craft with the rest of you.

I’ve met so many great bloggers along the way and have even followed blogs I never thought would interest me. Sometimes all it takes is a little spark or a link from another blogger to open the possibilities. So join in the celebration and lets continue this journey together.

I’m looking forward to another year, and many more years as a matter of fact, of blogging, sharing, and interacting with many of you for years to come.

Thanks for being here for the ride so far, lets see where we end up.

A to Z Challenge. O is for OPEN HOUSE

open-house-with-balloons1Okay, this may be a little unconventional, in the aspect of the A to Z Challenge, but honestly I’ve had a few rough days around here with Mom & Twinkle toes ( If you’re new to the blog, twinkle toes is the man I affectionately call my Stepfather, technically not but he’s been around for over 30 years of my life, and he’s more of a father to me than my biological father was. And Mom & Twinkle toes have been having some health issues. So it’s been nothing but running to doctors and stress tests galore.)

So without further adieu….

I give you Random Musings and Wanderlusts OPEN HOUSE

I would like for ALL of my readers, passerbys to:

  • Choose your favorite post from your own blog: it can be anything you’d like to have a few more readers take a look at. Or it can be a direct link to your blog in general if you prefer.

  • Paste a link in the comments below

  • Take some time to check out the other bloggers that are joining in the fun and show some BLOG LOVE

I don’t have thousands of readers/followers what have you, but I do have an OPEN HOUSE to let you all participate in. You just might find another blog to check out that you haven’t been lucky enough to find as of yet.

But I do believe……

c8cc224c5b1e8b1baafeba4287d9534add53273bc79572a5fcc8ab8ab2cc19ab_zps34dc788bSo grab a cuppa whatever your pleasure, pull up a seat and have some fun interacting with other bloggers. I do hope you all take advantage of this. If you’d like to share this PLEASE do so, the more the merrier. Comments are open….

Enjoy! I can’t wait to see what you all post!!