Thank you President Trump

Let me get real with you for a minute, this is going to sound strange to most of you who know who I am in real life, but I need to speak my mind and I need to be authentic. If I can’t be real and authentic with the people who know me best, then why bother. Am I right? Let’s just put it out there and call a spade a spade.

Thank you President Trump!

For pretty much being the sledgehammer that ripped apart the decrepit wall and has unearthed the termites and cockroaches that dwell behind the fake facade. Thank you for giving them a voice, a platform for their plight. You have unleashed the maggots that fester quietly and feed upon their unknowing and unassuming prey. You pulled back their veil of anonymity, you have given them the power to be who they really are. They are now free to be their authentic selves, however vile and disgusting it may be. These invaders have been slowly and quietly feeding on us for years, including you, but we just never knew where they were coming from. They latch on to their easiest target, the one that can feed them and give them their best chance at survival. Now they are running wild and free among society, without a care in the world, making their presence so much more in your face.

Make America Great Again.

I used to like to say it was great, it was always great, but let’s keep the authenticity alive and free in this space….

There has always been a “We can do better than this” “We can be better than what we once were” That is more realistic. As in Taoism, there can be no Yin without Yang, dark & light, evil & good, Balances of opposites. One needs the other, one goes into the other. So thank you Mr. President. Without you,  the curtain would still be down, you helped unveil the true feelings of the American People. All of them. Those filled with hate, and those filled with love.

I’m tired of the cockroaches, but I’m so fucking happy they are unleashed and running wild and free. Yes, I’m happy. Not happy they exist mind you, but now we know where they are and where they are coming from. They can be put on blast and pointed out to the world and we can say ” You know what, we are holding you accountable! You can’t hide behind your white sheets and masks anymore. Keep on coming out people and show us who you really are and what you’re really made of.”

This post was born from seeing too many hate filled diatribes, and videos of people attacking others. Most recently, the woman wearing a Puerto Rico t-shirt at a public park, being verbally harassed by a white man.

What gives someone the thought process that this is ok? There is something inherently wrong with people who go out of their way to make something of nothing. There was no logical reason for this man to berate this woman as he did. And to have the police officer just stand there and do nothing was disgraceful to his badge and what a real police officer represents.

This white man, does not represent All white people. Just as this Police Officer does not represent All Police Officers. BUT what happens when someone sees this? They assume that all white people and all police officers are the same. We are not. There are better representations of these groups of people in the world, and unfortunately the ones who are so vile get the most coverage.

Love Trumps Hate! 

That’s what I truly believe. I believe that with the presence of hate, love multiplies. Love continues to grow and tries to compensate for the evil that exists. So with the presence of hate, love evolves to fill the void.

We must embrace other people, cultures, religions, sexual orientations, etc. Most people hate something because they ultimately are uneducated about something different from them.

I am a 43-year-old, single, college educated, white woman.

Should I hate a 30-year-old, married, Puertorican, mom of 2?

NO. She is a human being. She is no less than me. She is no more than me. We may have different backgrounds, different educations, different everything. So what does that mean? I educated myself and I learn about her.

Learn people. Get out there and learn about your neighbor. Learn about their culture. Don’t assume because they are different from what you see in the mirror, that it makes them less than you.


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