A to Z Challenge, A is for Azaleas

When my grandparents bought my home in the late 50’s they planted Azalea trees. Yes trees. Well back then, they were little shrubs I’m sure. But when I was born in 1975 those little shrubs took on a life of their own. They still line my walkway, and are a staggering 6 ft tall if not taller. Mind you, I’m only 5 ft so I can’t measure much higher 😉

Here is a photo of my Nana and I when I was about 2 months old, in 1975. For reference, Nana was about 5ft 5.


Fast forward 40 years later, and those little azaleas have blossomed to booming trees. I love my azaleas, but oh the poor snow does a number on them when it hits. The weight of the snow always has me worried that their massiveness wont make it through another harsh winter. But they are strong and survive time and time again.

I remember my Nana telling me that she would put old coffee grinds, and even used brillo pads in the dirt, because Azaleas love acidic soil. Any good search on care for Azaleas would tell you acidic soil is preferred for their growth, and some compost would help as well. I can’t guarantee you’d have 6ft Azaleas, but give it 57 plus years, and your grandkids just might have some to look at.


Today’s post is part of the April 2016 A to Z Challenge. Keep coming back to read more posts as the days go on. Each day corresponds to a different letter of the alphabet, and you never know what you’re gonna get with my posts, because I’m following a Random theme again this year.

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19 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge, A is for Azaleas

    • Thank you very much. The memories are what makes them more special to me but they, as well as daffodils are my most favorite flowers. They signal signs of spring/renewal/and life for me. Can’t wait for this years blooms to come in! Enjoy yours and can’t wait to see some photos of them in the near future!

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