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Monday Musings~

Another weekend has come and gone, and I’m already looking forward to next weekend. To quick, these days they seem to go by in the blink of an eye.

How was your weekend? Did you get to do anything fun, or were you able to relax and recuperate from a crazy week?

We had a little bit of both this weekend and it was all good. Saturday morning at 7:30 the landscapers arrived to place the mulch and mow the lawn. 7:30 really? And even though there were calls for 80% chance of rain, we picked up the kids by 11 and brought them back to Dave’s, made lunch and chilled out for a while. Our plans for an outdoor festival down at the marina were going to have to be put on hold. The rain was nasty for at least a half hour, and so we figured if it cleared up we would head out after.

Dave’s boys are picky eaters, and I totally get that, it just sometimes makes it a little difficult to pack for lunches or make dinner, and so this day the usual grilled cheese was made for his youngest son, and surprisingly enough his oldest, J asked me “Hey Ms Paulala can you make me the sandwich you made me the time we went go-kart racing?” I admit it wasn’t a total shock but it was still surprising that I was asked to make it, instead of asking him if he would try it. Usually he eats a PB & J on old-fashioned Wonder Bread. The last few weeks I’ve been buying the Whole Grain White bread from Wonder, and switching it into the good old White Bread bag. Hey a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do, amirite ? lol. It’s not like buying those Whole Grain Eggo waffles and they see the spots and think it’s moldy lmao. But today he wanted a roast beef with American Cheese,  and lettuce on Dave’s Pepperidge farm lite whole wheat bread? Go figure. Ok kid you got it. But as I went into the fridge I realized I didn’t buy roast beef, I bought low sodium chicken breast from Boars Head! Ok I said to myself. Let’s just make it and see if he eats it and doesn’t complain or ask questions. What’s the worst that could happen?

He actually liked it, and ate at least half of the sandwich, and a yogurt. As I started to explain what it was, Dave kicked me under the table to shush me. He didn’t want to ruffle feathers lol. So I let it go, and wrapped up the other half for later on.

Off to the Maritime Festival and Boat Show we went. Not everyone was happy about going outside for the day, but too bad we were heading out to get some fresh air and enjoy the village and boats and pirates!

It actually got quite hot out after the rain and the ground wasn’t too mushy either which totally helped while walking down Port. The kids even got a chance to go on an acrobat trampoline thingy with ropes that they could do backflips on. J will even be featured in one of the local newspapers, as a reporter stopped to ask Dave’s permission to take photographs and get his name. He’s so happy about it and now we have to track down the paper.

Back at the ranch and we were greeted with a lovely surprise.

The largest Snapping Turtle I’ve ever seen, in the freshly placed mulch from this morning. This beauty was exactly that, a beauty. I still can’t get over her or his size and sadly my phone’s storage was full and Dave’s phone was dead so these are the only photos we took of our little visitor.

All the neighborhood kids were flocking around the curb asking what its name was, what it was, what it was doing, where it was going, how it got there, how is it gonna get home, is it gonna be safe, can I take it home, can I play with it and pet it, can you send the picture to my mommy and oh my gosh that thing is HUUUUUUGE. Pretty much expected as their widening eyes were filled with wonder.

Dave thought to feed it carrots and lettuce, and I just kept telling the kids that when we see a turtle we don’t bother it, play with it, or change its direction. We just leave it to go where it wants to go and don’t stop it’s journey. This became a learning experience for all of them and they were listening with intent. It was pretty cool, and as we talked about what to do and not do if they see a turtle again, she took off to the back yard and headed to the conservation area way in the back. Dave helped her eventually get through the fence and we hope she makes it to where she wants to go. We realize it’s prime egg laying season, but don’t see any eggs left in the mulch but we will be keeping an eye on it just in case.

Sunday morning was just as interesting but in other ways, as we headed off to drop the kids off, Dave said he would take me to the coffee shop for a coffee. Why would he do this if he hates coffee and tea? He loves making me happy and coffee is one of those things that makes me happy let’s be honest. Well he also knows I broke the coffee pot on Saturday night, and I was without coffee for the day. That’s a travesty lol.

As we headed out we saw some kids with a lemonade stand. Well of course I have to stop and contribute to their cause. I had my dollar ready and got out of the car. Same kids from the day before and they remembered the turtle. Hey can you show my mom the turtle picture please. HEYYYYY MOMMMMMY this is the turtle lady come quick. Hahaha. So I waited for mom, asked how much for the lemonade and handed off my dollar to the little girl in pigtails.


Yep, $1 for this puppy, not quite filled, and barely cool. And no change mind you. Talk about inflation haha. With that Mom approached to see the turtle lady, and we got to talking a little. I showed her the photo and she was shocked her kid was telling the truth about the humongous turtle down the road. She figured it was a little one, not nearly this big.

But all was soon right in the world as we arrived at the coffee shop and met my Mom for a little coffee clatch. Well, Dave had his extra-large chocolate milk with extra chocolate and vanilla 😉 and I had a Shakerato. What’s a Shakerato you might ask. Well this lovely little creation of course.


3 shots of half caff espresso and a touch of honey, shaken with a cocktail shaker with some ice, and then a little milk added in at the end. Cold and refreshing, and more than anything shared with those I love.

Wordless Wednesday 

Wordless Wednesday

#AtoZChallenge W is for Wild

Never a shortage of Wild animals along the trail I walk. But this sighting this morning was a little extra Wild Wildness if you ask me. While making, Dave’s lunch for work today and getting my stuff ready to head out, I hear this sound that was like no other. Not your normal bird call, and it surely wasn’t Lilo or Stitch fighting with each other upstairs. Yesterday they got some fresh air and it calmed them down quite a bit, so they were like children, exhausted from the good weather. This sound was odd.

Dave was outside taking the recyclables to the curb and when he came inside he says

“Come over here and take a look at this, grab your phone”

So I walked to the picture window and I didn’t believe my eyes. What the heck were they?

Wild Pheasants? Wild Turkeys? And to top it off there was a white one. An Albino perhaps?


Still shot from a video

We were trying to figure out what the heck they were for quite a while. I kept snapping pics and capturing videos but honestly even the iPhone 6S wasn’t getting the shots I desperately wanted of these beauties. I need to research a good quality camera that won’t break the bank but will deliver the photo quality I want.



They were eating the grass, and just browsing the yard for what seemed like an hour. But it couldn’t have been more than a half hour at most, because we did have to get going. They walked around to the front of the yard and at one point although it felt like the darker colored fowl were secluding the white one the whole time, they did come together when what we believe was mama called to them to gather round.



As any youngster would do, it took them some time to listen to her cries and they finally gathered around and listened to her.


Still not sure exactly what these little guys/girls were, and debating about Wild Turkeys, or Wild Pheasents, I went on a hunt. To no avail. Until sitting down for my coffee at the shop and a customer came in and we started talking.


Wild Guineafowl or Guinea Hens. That’s it! That is exactly what these little ones are. Needless to say the wildlife around us is always amazing to me especially when I find something new that I haven’t seen in person before. Just like the snake on the trail the other day. Trying to figure out what kind of snake was slithering across the trail.



#AtoZChallenge #MondayMusings :U is for Under the weather

The birds are serenading, buds are blooming, trees are sprucing, rain is falling, and mold is a growing. Ahhhhh the welcoming sights, sounds, and smells of springtime. Just what we needed after a winter of piles and piles of snow, and plunging temperatures.

The only downfall to it all is seasonal allergies. Ahhhchoo! The sound heard round the world. The foghorn signaling the arrival of pollen overload as I blow my nose for the millionth time. Oh woe is me.

That is exactly how I felt yesterday and today after a lovely weekend out and about in nature just enjoying the great outdoors. A few hours outside among the fields of grass, pollen, trees and flowers blooming, after a few days of sporadic rain showers too. The perfect combination of an allergy sufferers worst nightmare.

Benadryl and Advil Cold and Sinus were my friends this weekend as well as 3 boxes of Puffs Plus tissues. Dave jokes that he should invest money in the tissue market because of all the tissues I buy. 😉 He has a point, not one I’m overly fond of but sadly I do have to agree.

So there I was, undoubtedly under the weather but I didn’t let that stop me. Nope, seasonal allergies be damned if they were going to ruin a perfectly great weekend outdoors with me and my 3 guys.


Lead the way guys I’ll be back here blowing my nose and sneezing among the trees, hopefully I wont scare off the wildlife. I’m happy we were spending time together enjoying the fresh air! This was a new trail for me, but I think Dave has been here before. It traversed behind some houses, and a gun range was heard in the distance. Part of the Greenbelt Trail, and by the time we reached a little over half a mile, we turned around and headed back to the car. Thankfully, because I needed more tissues lol, but I really wanted to continue the walk, so next time we try to venture a little further along the trail.

No wildlife to be found except for this little guy earlier in the day when we took the boys to the school fields to fly kites and their drones. I was just scoping out the field and for some reason I looked down and spotted this little fella pollinating the flowers. Yes to me a dandelion is a flower, and it’s the first flower that helps the bees!

Don’t get me wrong I know people don’t often associate dandelions as flowers, except maybe when your child gives you the first set of flowers they pick from the garden for you, but they are an asset probably more than we give it credit for. I get you want your lawns manicured and free of this weed, but before you cut them down, give them a week so the bees can pollinate. Just think, if the bees don’t get to pollinate, they probably will annoy you more during your summer days and nights in the back yard.

As for me and the dandelions and the pollen, I’ll just be propped up with some allergy meds today as I’m feeling slightly under the weather still. It’s a small price to pay for the seasons on the way…


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