#AtoZChallenge #MondayMusings :U is for Under the weather

The birds are serenading, buds are blooming, trees are sprucing, rain is falling, and mold is a growing. Ahhhhh the welcoming sights, sounds, and smells of springtime. Just what we needed after a winter of piles and piles of snow, and plunging temperatures.

The only downfall to it all is seasonal allergies. Ahhhchoo! The sound heard round the world. The foghorn signaling the arrival of pollen overload as I blow my nose for the millionth time. Oh woe is me.

That is exactly how I felt yesterday and today after a lovely weekend out and about in nature just enjoying the great outdoors. A few hours outside among the fields of grass, pollen, trees and flowers blooming, after a few days of sporadic rain showers too. The perfect combination of an allergy sufferers worst nightmare.

Benadryl and Advil Cold and Sinus were my friends this weekend as well as 3 boxes of Puffs Plus tissues. Dave jokes that he should invest money in the tissue market because of all the tissues I buy. 😉 He has a point, not one I’m overly fond of but sadly I do have to agree.

So there I was, undoubtedly under the weather but I didn’t let that stop me. Nope, seasonal allergies be damned if they were going to ruin a perfectly great weekend outdoors with me and my 3 guys.


Lead the way guys I’ll be back here blowing my nose and sneezing among the trees, hopefully I wont scare off the wildlife. I’m happy we were spending time together enjoying the fresh air! This was a new trail for me, but I think Dave has been here before. It traversed behind some houses, and a gun range was heard in the distance. Part of the Greenbelt Trail, and by the time we reached a little over half a mile, we turned around and headed back to the car. Thankfully, because I needed more tissues lol, but I really wanted to continue the walk, so next time we try to venture a little further along the trail.

No wildlife to be found except for this little guy earlier in the day when we took the boys to the school fields to fly kites and their drones. I was just scoping out the field and for some reason I looked down and spotted this little fella pollinating the flowers. Yes to me a dandelion is a flower, and it’s the first flower that helps the bees!

Don’t get me wrong I know people don’t often associate dandelions as flowers, except maybe when your child gives you the first set of flowers they pick from the garden for you, but they are an asset probably more than we give it credit for. I get you want your lawns manicured and free of this weed, but before you cut them down, give them a week so the bees can pollinate. Just think, if the bees don’t get to pollinate, they probably will annoy you more during your summer days and nights in the back yard.

As for me and the dandelions and the pollen, I’ll just be propped up with some allergy meds today as I’m feeling slightly under the weather still. It’s a small price to pay for the seasons on the way…


6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge #MondayMusings :U is for Under the weather

  1. Dandelions were perfect for a little child with a visual impairment, like me, to spot in the dark grass. I loved to pick them, but I was always afraid of bees while I was doing it.


  2. Sorry about your allergies. I’ve had that issue for weeks. I look forward to the day I can breathe from both nostrils. I do have fond memories of dandelion-filled vases on my counter — gifts from my grubby little boys. 🙂

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  3. I suffer from allergies too. The weeds in India that cause it are slightly different. Besides pollen I’m allergic to dust mites and about 40 other things that I’ve forgotten!
    I hope you’re feeling better now.


    • Oh I can only imagine the different allergens around the world. I too have dust mite allergies and a slew of other things. And even though I live in NY, I’m allergic to Canadian Fungi lol. Never really researched into it but always found it funny. Thank you, I’m doing a little better and hoping the days ahead also get better. Hope this season is kind to you. 🙂


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