A to Z Challenge N is for: Nature

Back on the nature trail again and it feels as if I haven’t been away as long as I have. But within the last two visits there has been much change in my favorite location. It seems as if one of the lovely trees has fallen victim to the weather and mother nature.

As always thought, nature in its purest form teaches us that even with struggle there is growth. Change is good, and nature is a great teaching tool for showing us just how resilient we can also be.

The same location two days apart, and with the fog rolling in it creates a whole new atmosphere and vibe to the location. Within two days, the fullness of the tree has grown in and buds blossomed. Yet the fog creates a veil of mystery.

Similar situation three days after the fog rolled in, but in this instance nature took a hit.

It shows up a little more clearly in the foggy day photo, but the poor tree at the kayak dock has lost a limb. It was laying in the river, and as per National Wildlife Refuge protocol, they leave broken limbs where they fall as long as it’s not in the way of vehicles. So it will stay in the river until it dislodges and floats away.

I’ve often said, and even blogged about it, but Nature teaches us how to live, even in the midst of despair. It’s a matter of how we choose to see things, and how we choose to deal with them.

What do you see out and about in nature that teaches you a valuable life lesson?

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