#AtoZChallenge R is for Roman Payne

I’m in love with Roman Payne quotes, just as much as I am in love with Rumi quotes. Something about the way they have with words just ignites within me a passion for words themselves, if that’s at all possible.

Below are a sampling of quotes from Roman Payne’s, The Wanderess.

Just as a painter paints, and a ponderer pondersa writer writes,and a wanderer wanders

“A gothic mystery novel and story of passion and romance set against the backdrop of a timeless Mediterranean landscape, The Wanderess tells of the notorious adventurer Saul and his passion for the beautiful Saskia, a mysterious young orphan girl whom he meets and vows to protect as his child. The Wanderess is a love story, a novel of heroism, friendship and romance, portraying the lives of two unsettled vagabonds led by their own strange desires, mutual obsessions, and one single fortune.” Amazon

Wanderss quote

Wanderess=Wanderlust there’s no wonder why I have an affinity for, The Wanderess.

“As for you girls, you must risk everything for Freedom, and give everything for Passion, loving everything that your hearts and your bodies love. The only thing higher for a girl and more sacred for a young woman than her freedom and her passion should be her desire to make her life into poetry, surrendering everything she has to create a life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in her imagination.” Roman Payne.


When we are young, time can’t seem to move fast enough.

We hope and wish for summer vacation, school to end, and are always looking for the next “thing” to happen. When we get a little older, not sure at what point, but we realize that time would be nicer if it could slow down a little bit.

As the seasons change, the weeks go by, the days, hours, minutes seem to fly.

How is it that we are at this point in life and how the heck did we get here so damn fast?

Wasn’t it only yesterday that we were turning 20ish…our whole lives ahead of us, the future was so bright we had to wear shades. Yes corny line, but so true. Now the future is still bright and magnificent, but we wish to slow it down. Slow it down to savor the moment, really truly experience the events that are bestowed upon us.

Like savoring a delectable treat, or dare I say, undressing your partner for the first time and making love. That explicit experience you never get to relive again. But you will forever replay in your mind over and over again.

We can’t slow time down, but we can control how we absorb the life we live. How we experience the events of today, tomorrow and how we reflect upon the events of the past.

As the past has molded us, it does not define us. We move on from certain ways, people, we grow, we learn, and we hopefully can make changes for the betterment of our lives. It doesn’t always happen, but then there are those quiet moments where we reflect and realize we are not the same person we were five, ten, twenty years ago.

We have changed.

The years go by, and we somehow, some way, find ourselves. Find our spirit and it is ignited by that wanderlust, that need for something deeper than what is on the surface. Sometimes it’s sparked by a person, an idea, a place, but no matter what it is, it’s on fire.

And that fuels the desire for more.

As humans we need that fuel, that desire, without it we become stagnant. We wallow, we revert backwards, we stay still. Nothing good can come of staying still. Not even a tree stays still. Yes it is grounded, and rooted in the lush soil, but it is constantly persevering the odds set forth against it.

To be free, yet grounded, and rooted, is a wonderfully beautiful thing to behold.

A contradiction in terms, an oxymoron of sorts, but yet still achievable.

Relish in the time at hand, experience the time you have, truly experience it and live it to the fullest of your capabilities. Don’t hold back.

Chaucer was correct when he said…

“Time and tide wait for no man”

Don’t let the ship of life leave port without your ass on board!! 😉 I know I have a ship to catch…

Down the rabbit hole 


The first walk among the trees this season, is sprinkled with some dismay…

The rustling of fallen leaves, the sound of gravel beneath my feet. Ohhhh how I’ve longed for this the last few months. A girl in the woods is a happy one. How I’ve needed this day 🙂

That was my Facebook status today. I haven’t been in the woods, oh I don’t know, it feels like forever. Each time I drive past the Wildlife Refuge in my town, its been closed. Very disappointing to say the least. I’ve needed some solitude, some fresh air in my lungs, a gaze at the river, the barren trees, and the random wildlife crossing my path. I’ve longed for it, my soul needed it. It could not have come at a better or more needed time.

But to my dismay, moments after hitting the gravel pathway, I happened upon the trail head sign. And my hopes were slashed just as quickly as they peaked.

Yes, the trail I’ve found myself on many times since April 2014, will be closed beginning tomorrow, and will last hopefully ONLY until the end of this April. That my dear friends, is way too long in my mental outlook. Sure the other trail will be open, but the other trail, to me, is not as serene or inviting. In my humble opinion, The White Oak Trail offers views of the river, beautiful lush woodland areas, more wildlife, and I can go on with its praises.

Thanks to the Southern Pine Beetle infestation, which has been a nuisance among many of the trails out here on Long Island, and I’m sure other woodland areas as well, my beloved path will yet again be closed off to public access.

Southern Pine Beetle (photo courtesy of NYSDEC)

Southern Pine Beetle (photo courtesy of NYSDEC)

The Southern Pine Beetle is a bark beetle that infests pine trees. Small in measure at only 2-4 mm in length (about the size of a grain of rice) red-brown to black in color, it has always been the most destructive pest of southern pine forests. This is a major concern for this part of Long Island, we are home to the Long Island Pine Barrens Region, which occupies 102,500 acres.

One tiny little pest, that can take down a complete species of trees, all while being unnoticed for possibly years, it’s kind of unfathomable. At least to me. So here I stood looking at the sign, feeling all sorts of angst and depression was starting to set in again.

Southern Pine Beetle. Image courtesy of the USDA Forest Service.

Southern Pine Beetle. Image courtesy of the USDA Forest Service.

I’ve longed for the days to get back out on the trail, I’ve needed it. I’m putting it mildly, but I really need to be out there among the trees, taking in the fresh air. My anger towards a beetle, small like a grain of rice. Then I thought, this isn’t about me it’s really about life in its complicated state. Circle of life came to mind in an instant. How it’s all cyclical. Chain reaction. Survival of the fittest. Whatever you would like to call it.

The threat is real, it’s larger than me not being able to get outside and take a hike along the trail I love. It’s the possible destruction of thousands of acres of trees. Trees which feed our souls, give us oxygen, teach us (me) how to live. Without open space, that is protected, we truly lose our connection to the earth.

I’m not about to get all preachy on you, but seriously we need to become one with nature, otherwise we can never truly understand its limited resources. Yes I say limited. We as a society suck the ever-loving life out of all our resources, I’m included in that, I won’t lie. But at some point we need to realize that there has to be some type of give back. If not, we will eventually become that concrete jungle.

Back to my much-needed escape today. I did happen to get in some quality Me time out on the trail, before having to do daily life thingies. And it was as if, the moment I hit that gravel, I had such a release of pent-up angst, winter depression, bottled up emotions, and just a complete sense of freedom. Yes that’s right. All from a few minutes out in the woods.

IMG_4121This photo is of the same area that is in my header up on this blog. What a difference a few months and another season makes. The leaves are still there, and there is limited snow remaining THANK GOODNESS, but yet it still has this serene look to it for me.

As I took my walk, I came across these two lovelies. The first picture is the first one I came across, I think it’s a she so…she was all huddled near the tree base, and a few feet away, her protector (he just kept arching his neck looking around to check out the area and who was around) They didn’t flinch when I was getting closer, but as I walked closer to them, he made sure to get as close to her as possible. Then they eventually waddled away along the path together. It was very cute, I’m always so intrigued by the interactions with the wildlife. Either among themselves, or even with people around them.

A little further along the path but not far away, I noticed in the still leaf and snow-covered ground, the signs of spring popping out of the fertile soil. Not exactly sure what these bulbs are, but they were a little pop of color among the brown leaves, white snow, and grey ground. I couldn’t help but snap a photo.

And a walk among the trees would not be complete without a selfie! Yes as much as I hate them, I couldn’t resist taking a few dozen. I settled on this one. And ironically enough, my contemplation of why I hate selfies so much gave me an idea.

IMG_4153I really dislike selfies, for many reasons. But to get over that dislike, I plan on doing a selfie a day for at least a month beginning today. If I like the photo or not, I need to document one picture per day. Catalog it. See how I’ve physically changed over the course of time. For what reason, none particularly, but just to get over the idea of self-doubt maybe. I’ve always disliked myself in photos, not that I want to change anything about myself, I am who I am and I love myself for that. Again something I’ve learned among the trees. I just think it might be an interesting journey to document. We shall see what happens.

As for my trail walking, the other trail at the preserve is available, and although I don’t find it as peaceful, maybe I need to discover it all over again. There are many wonderful parts to that side of the preserve, completely distinct from the one which will be closed down. There are also other fantastic resources for trail walking/hiking within Long Island. It’s just a matter of finding them, rediscovering ones I’ve stopped going to, and just enjoying the time outdoors.

I want to walk among the Redwoods

I want to walk
the Redwoods
getting lost
in their wonderment
their vastness

letting my toes
being one
with the
the dew covered
beneath my

the smell
of crisp



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A Little Winter Wanderlust At The Beach

We had a heat wave out here on Long Island today, it reached at least 37F earlier, and it’s hovering around 28F now. I took it as a sign to get out of the house for more than just the normal daily stuff. I attempted to head to the nature trail that I love to walk on. But upon arriving at the closed and locked gate, I made the decision to take a ride down to the little beach. The little beach, is on the bay side of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s very rocky and sandy, a place parents usually take little kids to go swimming, there is a roped off section with a lifeguard on duty, sometimes. As a kid, we would all affectionately call it “the stinky beach” it always smelled of seaweed, shellfish, and the wafting smell of the town dump not too far in the distance I imagine added to the smell. But it always featured wonderful views of Fire Island, and the sunset was always a sight for weary eyes. So I headed off down the road to catch a glimpse of the sunset. What a site it was. IMG_3654Arrived at the little beach, and I stayed in the car, it was quite windy even if it was a balmy 37F. I sipped my chai tea latte, with soy milk this time, and took some pretty decent pictures on my iPhone 4. Yes a, 4. lol don’t laugh too much, I know it’s over time for an upgrade. My battery & camera, as well as some text messages would all agree. Panning ever so slightly to the south, and the view would change very IMG_3658nicely. I kept trying to get the perfect shot of the sun in the horizon with the reflection off the bay, but it just wasn’t working out the way I wanted it to. Then that same couple walking on the ice, continued to walk right in front of my car, getting in the way of the sunset. But it did make for a pretty interesting photo-op. I stayed down at the little beach for a little while longer just taking in the quiet reflection time. I decided not long after, that a trip over the bridge to Fire Island would be in order. I haven’t been for quite a while, I don’t even remember how often I made it to the beach this summer. But with this winter weather weariness still wearing on my bones, I figured what the heck let’s go see what the ocean looks like. It was a very good idea to mosey on over the bridge, even if some other photo seekers were stopped mid span to take in the amazing view.  I’m very lucky to live where I live, I have the ocean, bay, nature preserves, hiking/walking trails that I can frequent (when they are open to the public) and I’m close enough to the city if I want to hop on a train or take a car ride out there.

And when you  have these little guys in your backyard it’s an added bonus…for me anyway.

I’m really glad I decided to get out today, and just explore a little bit, no snowmen to be made, or sled rides to be had, but some good old-fashioned fresh air in the lungs, while taking in nature’s natural beauty was surely what my mind, body, and soul needed today. Even if I ended up with a really bad headache and it’s taking me far to long to post this post. It was well worth it though. To end my evening, before heading home to make some dinner. I walked out onto the fairly new pier they erected last summer, or maybe the summer before. I was able to get this view of the sunset over the bridge. It really was beautiful. IMG_3759And the added bonus for the evening, as I was leaving the parking lot, was this little fella. The photo is a bit hazier than I would like, but I was worried about the people behind me beeping their horns for me to move. This little guy was a bit more important. In both taking his photo, and making sure I didn’t run his cute fluffy tail over. People are aware that this beach parking lot is loaded with deer, fox and all kinds of animals year round. They should cool their jets and relax a little bit. So I took a few extra minutes and got this parting shot. Found Foxy Red...

A case of Nature Fever

My Winter Wanderlust is creeping in. We are still in the depths of winter here, more snow in the forecast, and I’m getting a case of cabin fever.

No that’s not right.

I can leave the house even after all the snow that’s hit us over the last few weeks. My walk way is clear and the roads are fine. It’s the lovely shade of grime, on the otherwise serene landscape, which is giving me a case of Nature Fever.

Nature Fever, yeah that’s it.

Nature Fever you ask..


Why yes, Nature Fever.

I long for the days, where the air was crisp, cool, and danced on my cheeks. The days, where I could essentially get lost for hours just roaming the landscape, and viewing it with a fresh set of eyes each time. The days where the rustling sound beneath my feet indicated I was a step closer to finding some hidden treasure, like this little gnome village nestled within the tree base.


That’s Nature Fever, to me.

I find myself, these lazy cold winter days, thinking of that little village. What it will look like after the thaw. Will the characters still be there? Will there be new ones joining in the fun? I don’t know who had the creativity to do this, but I give them credit.

When I first happened upon it, while sweating bullets in the June heat, I thought I was hallucinating. What the heck is this? A little gnome/fairy village carved into the tree. I quickly made my way around to the other side, to see if there was an exit. I mean, think about it, wouldn’t you? Ok maybe just me. But I did, and no secondary exit. But ohhhh the cuteness of this little village. Tables, chairs, an outside bbq area, fencing, light poles,a bear, a pirate, and the gnome. I dreamt of it for days afterwards. Oh the stories I could tell about this little home. I can’t wait to get back there.


I started my walking, hiking, whatever you’d like to call it journey this past April. I stopped at my local coffee shop, I love that place, and I talk of them often in my posts. Maybe one day I’ll dedicate a post to them. The coffee is phenomenal, organic, and roasted on site. To me it smells of toast, permeating the air outside, drawing you in and tantalizing your olfactories. Truly an experience, and once you’ve been, it ruins you for other coffee shops thereafter.

I miss those days. Days being able to explore the landscape, take some photographs, and just enjoy the moment.

Days walking around a bend, or field of beautiful daffodils, and to my amazement coming upon an enchanted forest entrance.


So that my dear readers, friends, is Nature Fever.

One I hope I can quench with the coming days of Spring, when the daffodils bloom, and the smell in the air turns a sweet enticing scent of floral. I might be sneezing my way through those fields, but I don’t care.

Give me Spring, or give me death. Cause this winter is killing me.