#AtoZChallenge W is for Wild

Never a shortage of Wild animals along the trail I walk. But this sighting this morning was a little extra Wild Wildness if you ask me. While making, Dave’s lunch for work today and getting my stuff ready to head out, I hear this sound that was like no other. Not your normal bird call, and it surely wasn’t Lilo or Stitch fighting with each other upstairs. Yesterday they got some fresh air and it calmed them down quite a bit, so they were like children, exhausted from the good weather. This sound was odd.

Dave was outside taking the recyclables to the curb and when he came inside he says

“Come over here and take a look at this, grab your phone”

So I walked to the picture window and I didn’t believe my eyes. What the heck were they?

Wild Pheasants? Wild Turkeys? And to top it off there was a white one. An Albino perhaps?


Still shot from a video

We were trying to figure out what the heck they were for quite a while. I kept snapping pics and capturing videos but honestly even the iPhone 6S wasn’t getting the shots I desperately wanted of these beauties. I need to research a good quality camera that won’t break the bank but will deliver the photo quality I want.



They were eating the grass, and just browsing the yard for what seemed like an hour. But it couldn’t have been more than a half hour at most, because we did have to get going. They walked around to the front of the yard and at one point although it felt like the darker colored fowl were secluding the white one the whole time, they did come together when what we believe was mama called to them to gather round.



As any youngster would do, it took them some time to listen to her cries and they finally gathered around and listened to her.


Still not sure exactly what these little guys/girls were, and debating about Wild Turkeys, or Wild Pheasents, I went on a hunt. To no avail. Until sitting down for my coffee at the shop and a customer came in and we started talking.


Wild Guineafowl or Guinea Hens. That’s it! That is exactly what these little ones are. Needless to say the wildlife around us is always amazing to me especially when I find something new that I haven’t seen in person before. Just like the snake on the trail the other day. Trying to figure out what kind of snake was slithering across the trail.




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