Your mom was right…

Let’s face it, we hardly ever want to admit that our mom was right about some advice she dolled out when we were 18 and so wrapped up in ourselves and we were sure we knew, EVERYTHING already!

Fast forward to your 40’s and you’re looking in the mirror and find yourself talking to your tired, drawn, ruddy reflection…”Mom was right, I should have listened to her when she told me to take care of my skin”

For me, I never had to deal with teen acne breakouts, oily skin, dry skin, or any other skin issues. I actually was always told I had great skin. Little did I realize, the older I got, that great skin was going to need extra nourishment from me. I needed to feed my skin, either by my diet, and by my skin care regime. I hate drinking water and am always dehydrated,  I am addicted to coffee, and tea, and I hardly ever took care of my skin. If you have a good thing, you better keep nourishing it.

When I began using my Max & Madeleine products, I didn’t think I had bad skin. Sure I was 42, had some fine lines, some deeper lines, redness (undiagnosed rosacea) dry, rough skin on my face and decolete. But I didn’t think I had bad skin. People would still comment how nice my skin looked, but nowhere near as much as when I was younger.

I slowly began incorporating more of our Anti-Aging skin care products into my abysmal skincare routine.  Who am I kidding, I never had a routine. First it was the Rose Hibiscus skin toner, then the Anti Aging face serum, followed by the eye elixir, and then our Facial Cleansing Powder, and finally adding to my arsenal our Detox Clay Mask. I couldn’t commit myself to everything at once, so I added items I thought could help me see a change, and I took photos to actually see it for myself.

Was I systematically keeping a routine, nope. Still couldn’t and can’t get myself to be consistent with my skin care. But let me tell you, even without being consistent, I am seeing results. Actually the results had to be pointed out to me. Sure I see some improvement when I look back at my reflection now, but not until it’s been brought to my attention how more dewy and refreshed my skin looks did I actually NOTICE it myself. I think that unnoticing factor is something we all struggle with. Wether it’s not seeing the weight we are gaining in our reflection, yet knowing our clothes fit differently. We feel and see our skin changing, but don’t actually notice until we are told, or see it in a photo.

This week I met up with some phenomenal women for a gathering of like minds. I’m truly thankful for my tribe! They helped me see a change in myself that I wasn’t truly aware of. When I first arrived for our meeting, I was rushing from the gym, freshly showered but without a stitch of make up or moisturizer on, because I was afraid I’d be late.

“Ugh how can I meet them with no make up on? I look like I just woke up” all those thoughts running through my head as I drove to meet them. When I walked in I was greeted by Melissa and she immediately mentioned how great my skin looked. “Me, my skin?” that’s what I replied, instead of saying, thank you! That goes to show you how we perceive ourselves and our mindset. Here I was assuming my skin looked bad because I hadn’t put a stitch of makeup on, and she is complimenting me on it. Go figure.


When everyone finally arrived, we all got to talking about our plans, and when there was a lull in the conversation, I pulled out my Max & Madeleine “before & in progress” picture that I had taken. They all agreed that there was definitely changes in my skin tone, texture, the redness, etc.  from September 2017 to October 2017, and then to April 2018. They all encouraged me to take an updated in progress picture comparing my skin from September to April. When I went home I started looking over photos from the last few months and I could actually see a difference. It’s not phenomenal but it is significant in my eyes.

img_4867The following morning I took their advice. I’m not a selfie fan, and I’m not a fan of posting pictures of myself without any kind of makeup. Although my makeup consists of tinted moisturizer and maybe a swipe of lip tint. Still the vulnerability of just being fresh faced was daunting, but I did it. I snapped that picture and did a side by side. I’m most impressed with the reduced redness, improved texture & tone, reduced puffiness & dark circles under my eyes, my fine lines look finer, and the best part of the transformation… I am able to achieve these results with out the use of harsh chemicals, or spending a fortune on my skin care. Who can really say their skincare can do that? The minimal investment I’m putting towards my skincare, is yielding some pretty impressive results. Then I think “just imagine if I did this every day”

I always say, what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body, just as what you put into your body is reflected on your skin. Hydrate yourself, take care of your body, take care of your skin, listen to your moms advice even if you think you know everything already.

If you’d like to learn how you can achieve significant results, without the use of toxic chemicals, and without spending a fortune on your skin care routine, reach out to me. If you already know that making the switch to organic, non toxic personal care products has benefits far beyond the physical appearance of your skin, then please follow my link to my website and browse all the fantastic products we offer. And if you are ready to take the plunge into offering these amazing products to your tribe, then please join me on this journey. You can follow me on Instagram, join my Facebook page to keep updated on all things Max & Madeleine!


**My results are based on my own personal experience using, Max & Madeleine personal care products. I am also an Independent Advisor with the company. This post has not been paid for.


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