Drew and Sheila, a short love story in progress…

The evening began with a kiss upon her cheek, as soft and subtle as she had ever known. A rarity at this late stage, but none the less, enjoyed just the same.

Sheila turned on her heel and sauntered towards the bathroom, with Drew close behind.

“I told you I would be right back, dear. Just give me a few minutes.” Sheila said.

Upon her plea Drew retreated to the kitchen, opened the cabinet, and took out two wine glasses. He earnestly searched the refrigerator for the chilled bottle of wine, almost dropping it to the floor. His thoughts trailing away, distracted by the sound of the running water cascading over the ceramic shower tiles. Envisioning the hot steam, and beads flowing over Sheilas body, oh how he wished he was in there with her now. He fumbled with the corkscrew, but eventually opened the bottle of wine just in time for Sheila to appear in the foyer, merely draped in his dress shirt. It was long enough to cover her, yet still gave him a glimpse of what was hidden behind the cobalt blue shirt with a few misaligned buttons.

Drew slowly walked towards Sheila, and handed her a glass.

“To you” he said.

“What for? There’s no special occasion.”

“For you. That is all. Does there have to be a special occasion, one other than just being able to spend time with you?”

Sheila looked up to meet his eyes, and the look was all he needed to know she understood.

Her damp chocolate-brown locks, glistened in the moonlight, and the gleam in her hazel eyes seemed to be the windows into her soul.

“You’ve never looked more beautiful, than in my shirt right now, in this moment.”

“Don’t be silly” she bashfully said, turning flushed at the compliment.

“I’m a mess. No makeup, my hair isn’t even done.”

“You don’t need all of that, you’re beautiful with or without it. Right now, right here, with me. This is beautiful” he said as he ran a finger across her cheek.

Drew leaned in and began kissing her slowly up and down the nape of her neck. Sheila reached her arms up to graze the back of his head, she loved the way it felt after a fresh haircut. Noticing a loose hanging curl caressing his cheek, Drew pulled away slowly from kissing her to place his finger in the curl and began twirling it around. This sent shivers down Sheilas spine, and a muffled giggle escaped her. She felt like a school girl.

Their gaze met once again.

Drew took Sheila by the hand, and they walked towards the bedroom…

Those are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for today. 🙂