A little tug at the heartstrings

I’ve been MIA from the blog for a few weeks. Not because I want to but because life is just all over the place in good ways. David and I were away a few times, once with the boys and once alone. So my time to blog has been a little constrained for good reason. But I needed to share a little something near and dear to my heart.

logo_of_the_united_states_marine_corpsMost people close to me know that, David is a former Marine…let me add Once a Marine, Always a Marine, and he’s my Marine.

A few weeks ago he had an appointment and we ran into each other at the food store before he went to it, and would later meet up at home. While I was there, buying manzanella olives, and some pickles, I saw this older gentleman who seemed to have a little trouble reaching the canned vegetables. Now I’m a shorty, but I did offer my assistance to see if I could help him get what he needed. He was so thankful, and told me he was looking for the canned corn but couldn’t find it. It so happened to be on a lower shelf and I picked it up for him and he thanked me so much. I told him to have a good day and enjoy his dinner.

I finished up my shopping and checked out. When I got home, I made a little something to eat and cleaned up a little bit. David arrived soon after, and he had this look on his face. Something was off, but it wasn’t bad, it was just that he had a little sadness in his eyes.

What’s the matter? I asked

He then tells me before his appointment he went to the pizza shop to get a slice of pizza, and about 10 min later an older gentleman walked into the shop.

As David relayed the encounter he spoke as if he was the gentleman.

He walks in and asks the waitress “Am I allowed to eat there?” When she said yes, he then asks “Can I have chicken Parmigiano and do you have hot Italian bread?”. She said yes to both and she seemed a little shocked. He then asks “Can I sit here and eat it at a table? She tells him to go and pick any one he’d like and his food will be right out.

“I noticed right away he was wearing a hat, he was a WWII Vet. A Marine. I tried to get the waitresses attention, but she kept ignoring me. Finally I walked up to her and told her to add his meal to mine. And if he asked, Thank him for his service, from one Marine to another Marine”


David brought me to tears, and I’m sure he’s not to happy I’m writing about this, it’s personal, it’s at a level I didn’t understand, Marine to Marine, that is. But I do understand.

“He looked so alone, and as he asked if he could eat there, it just hit me.”

I asked if the gentleman was wearing grey sweatpants, and he said yes. I then told him my little story, it was the same man in the food store I had helped with his canned corn. We took a moment just thinking about it. I told him in his own way he made that mans night and I’m sure that he’d be grateful for the gesture.


Fast forward to yesterday, I’ve been having a few rough days, dealing with some stressful situations and finally got myself back to my chiropractor for a long overdue visit. It put me in a better mood, physically and emotionally. I had tried to meet up with my girlfriend for breakfast afterwards but being a new mom her little man was calling the shots. So instead I went to breakfast solo, and a little diner I haven’t been to in years. After my chiropractic session, I couldn’t imagine sitting at the counter on a stool with no back, so I asked the waitress if she minded if I sat at her 4 top table since there were 2 others available. She didn’t mind and I took the one closest to the door. image

I ordered my food, and table by table the place filled up. As I was finishing up my coffee and eggs, an older gentleman walked in, and he had a cane. I could see there were no tables left for him to sit at and so I took another sip of coffee and tried to get his attention. The waitress saw this and motioned to him, he turned around and I told him that if he would like he could have my table as I was finished with my breakfast.

“Thank you so much, it’s hard for me to sit on the stools with no back to them. These old bones don’t move that easily anymore. But I don’t want you to move or stop eating on account of me” he said

“Not a problem, I understand. And it’s not a bother, I’m finished and even if I wasn’t I’d just offer for you to sit with me at this big table. I always welcome company.”

He thanked me again and I moved my plate and cup to the counter. The waitress mouthed “Thank you” to me and I nodded. As I waited for her to take his order, it hit me.

Why not.

I caught her attention as she started to walk back around the counter, and whispered, “Add his bill to mine” She smiled and walked away to put his order in. When she got back around the other side of the counter she asked me are you sure. I said yes, add his to mine. When I paid her I told her if he asked to tell him, I wanted to brighten his day with a smile.

As I turned around to leave I saw him sitting in my chair and noticed his hat. A WWII Vet. A Marine. I touched his arm, fighting back tears, and said

“Thank you for your service, have a wonderful day, and enjoy your breakfast”

“Thank you, and thank you for the table. Have a good day” he said

I walked out the door, with tears welling up. I don’t really know why, except that I did. I’m an emotional person, always have been. Heck as I’m typing this whole thing I’m fighting back tears.

I don’t write this post to brag about, David (he’s probably not going to like this at first because he doesn’t like to talk about himself or what he does) or myself for that matter. I write it because what a small gesture as these may be, can possibly make someones day a little brighter, a little less lonely. It is ironic that both men, completely different, yet so similar.


What I do hope you take from this post is the next time you see someone, pay it forward, just for the heck of it. Buy a coffee, buy a donut, buy a meal. I did it because he was an older gentleman and he kinda tugged at my heartstrings, I had no idea he was a Veteran.


Wisdom Wednesday 

Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday

#AtoZChallenge/Wisdom Wednesday Q is for Quality Quiet time

Sometimes in our day to day life where we are surrounded by multiple people constantly wanting or needing something from us, all we really want is some Quality Quiet time for ourselves.

Those moments of silence, uninterrupted where we can just go into our own headspace to clear the days hectic thoughts. It’s not a moment of ignoring people, or being mad at them and not wanting to be around them, but it is merely needing a moment of solitude to simply just be left alone quietly. Spending some quality quiet time by ourselves is almost comparable to getting a massage, or enjoying a cup of coffee on the front porch, taking a walk among the trees, going to the gym perhaps, or simply just closing the bathroom door to pee in private.

It may not seem like quality to you in the moment but after it passes and you’ve moved on to the hustle and bustle of life as we know it, those few moments of quietness turn into quality. They enhance our quality of life simply because we are able to detach from what is demanded of us and focus our energy back to taking care of ourselves even if for mere moments.Quality Quiet Time

Relationships come and go. Don’t lose sight of your tribe

I’m guilty of it. I admit it. I started a relationship with a fantastic guy, and got swept up in the moment. Ok the moment is just shy of a year, but I am definitely swept up in our relationship. Nothing wrong with that.

Except, I did lose sight of my tribe. My girls, my friends, both near and far.

Not on purpose mind you. Let me emphasize that. Not on purpose! I feel the need to clarify that, why? I don’t know, but I feel I need to.

When you are involved in a new relationship, you tend to spend the majority of your time with one another. Getting to know each other, learning about one another, and creating your relationship. This relationship is no exception. Except the fact that it is much different than any other I’ve been in. We see each other daily(past relationships this hasn’t been the case) he has two children that he sees quite often, (I’ve never dated someone with children before) and we are working on the best mesh for all of us, he lives only 15 minutes away from me (I’ve never dated anyone this close before, except when I was a teenager) So it’s all a little new. And what do you do when something is new? You do all you can to learn how it works for and with you. You invest time, lots of time. You should!

I’ve been investing my time in our relationship. We both are. We have also tried very hard to incorporate our relationship within our friendships. It doesn’t always work, but we try. And trying sometimes is all you can do. Some friendships are near, some are far, road-trip far, but they are all dear and close in heart. Phone calls and text messages should keep you in contact with each other, but even in today’s society of instant access at the tip of your fingers, there still can be some disconnect.

I have always felt that a long time can pass without contact, as long as the bond is as strong as you think it is. Therefore time and distance should not interfere with that friendship.

Sometimes, when I’m depressed I withdraw from friendships, I am independent and I don’t like to rely on others, and that is to my own self detriment sometimes. It’s not healthy, but I’m aware of it.

I’m also ok with not hearing from friends for weeks or even months on end. I think I’m introverted in that respect, I don’t find it insulting or as a disrespect to the friendship. I just see it as LIFE. We all have things that take up our time. Work, family, sicknesses, happy times, just life in general. Trying to find the time to squeeze it all in is sometimes hard. But with my friendships, I expect that they should feel the same way as I feel. If we don’t hear from each other every day, be ok with it. Be confident in the fact that you are always in my heart and on my mind, even if I don’t reach out every single day. Trying to navigate this thing we call life can be hard some times, especially when we are trying to find our way in the world.

Just be aware of the fact that You are my tribe. You will always be my tribe. My Sister from another Mister, my chosen family, My unbiological sister, my BFFEAADADYFIEver. We may not speak to each other every day, or even once a month as of late, but know in your heart it’s not on purpose. I’m not avoiding you. I’m just trying to find my way in this world and with everything that is going on in my life, brand spanking new relationship included 😉 , sometimes I lose sight of my tribe. But you’re always there with me, as I am for you.

Never forget me as I never will forget you!


Wisdom Wednesday