The greatest love story ever told…maybe ;-)

When we left off yesterday, I was putting down my phone to try to see if I could salvage what I finally figured out as flirting from the “Cute, goatee, pink sake bottle drinking guy…”

To my surprise, he and his friends stuck around for a while after receiving, and paying their bill.

The table of six, who had sneakily sat between our tables, didn’t really get in the way. Although I do believe the woman within my line of sight may have thought I was gazing a little to long at her… but I’m not worrying about that.

However, my uncomfortableness at not knowing what to do while this very attractive guy kept smiling and making eye contact, (trying to, I sure wasn’t helping matters much)  made me think a lot.

About a lot of things.

I remember when I started writing the post and the time I actually posted it, a whole hour had elapsed. That meant, I wasted an entire hour typing when I could have maybe been engaging this handsome guy.

WTF is wrong with me?!?! Lol.

Obviously it’s a little easier to talk to people you don’t have a physical attraction to. Specifically when it’s face to face, or across a restaurant kind of thing. I feel it’s easier behind a computer while chatting with a photo of a person. Of course this is just my opinion on how I feel.

It’s like that “on the spot” feeling you get, like someone is undressing you with their eyes. Ok no I don’t think he was undressing me with his eyes. I don’t see myself that way, but I can’t think of any other way to describe it.

I was blushing, couldn’t keep eye contact, and had to avert my eyes to anything/anyone else that was within my surrounding area.

Yes I’m a shy person naturally, and so it doesn’t surprise me that much, but yesterday it opened my eyes. I really need to work on that shyness. Seriously what’s the worst that could happen? Not much really when you boil it down.

So now back to the rest of my meal and the situation at hand. I’m sure you’re tired of reading already 🙂

After I finally put down my phone, and tried engaging the cute guy with the goatee, things weren’t half bad. I took a, hopefully hidden deep breath and just …oh I hate to say this…let it go. I just went with the moment.

It felt good.

It took a few times for us to actually catch each others look, but it was nice. When it happened he smiled just a little bit bigger and I gave a smile too. Sounds silly, like the simplest thing to do in life, but I guess after so long, without the right atmosphere for this kind of interaction, it took a while to get the swing of it again.

I’m not a bar person, bookstores are basically extinct, friends of friends is not something I’ve really entertained the idea of when it comes to meeting or being introduced to a potential mate, and so that leaves happenstance meetings like this in a restaurant or online dating as the opportunities at hand….

Or Singles Speed Dating events…but that’s a story for another day. Stay tuned, trust me it will be a good read 😉

Can we say, it’s like riding a bike. You remember once you start again.

Not long after, he and his friends were getting ready to leave. They had to walk past my table to exit the restaurant, and so when time came for him to walk by I did get a little nervous. Almost grabbed for my phone because a text had come through. Dang I seriously need to disconnect from technology a little bit more. But I held my ground and just sat there with my hot green tea.

He didn’t stop, he didn’t ask for a number or offer one up. But he did walk a little slower and took a longer look and a huge Cheshire cat of a grin came across his face. I think, no I KNOW mine did the same. He continued to walk out the restaurant and guess what…I didn’t die right there like I thought I would have. Wow go figure.

So maybe it’s not the greatest love story ever told, but an enlightening one of being comfortable with yourself to just enjoy the moment. Take time to be aware of your surroundings, people who are maybe trying to engage you, and possibly try to get to know you across a table at a restaurant while they’re drinking a bottle of  Beni-Mansaku 😉


Those are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for today 🙂


Join in the Random Musings and Wanderlust ;-)

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