Lazy Sunday, warm tea, squishy socks, and The Golden Girls :-)

IMG_3025It was a lazy Sunday here at home, and boy was it perfect weather for it.

Rainy, dreary, dark, and gloomy. I loved it!

The sound of the rain makes the perfect accompaniment to keeping cozy with some hot tea, and warm squishy socks.

You’re probably asking yourself   “Self..what is she talking about? Squishy socks? They sound so, so squishy.”

Ahh a favorite of mine on cold winter nights, or in this case, rainy days. Squishy socks, as I have so affectionately called them since first slipping my little piggies into a pair, are simply a pair of soft microfiber or chenille socks.

Yep what you see there is me sporting my newest squishy socks, and to top it off I received not only squishy socks, but also squishy arm warmers and a squishy neck one to boot for Christmas from my Secret Santa.


Oh yes there exists more in the world beyond just squishy socks.

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

Couldn’t wait to tear into the box, mind you, my secret Santa gift was shipped from Japan!! That explains the arm and neck warmers, which by the way are ahhhhhhmazing.

This is coming from the girl who hates turtle neck sweaters and scarfs, but I’m loving the neck warmer. Comes in very handy on the blustery cold days and nights.

But tonight it was me, a cup of licorice peppermint tea, my socks, arm warmers, and my beloved Golden Girls.

I swear these episodes, which I know almost by heart by now, never seem to get old or lose their entertainment value.

This last one…Blind Date.  It’s thought-provoking, poignant, and yet hilariously funny.

Blanche : Girls, quick, I need some advice. 

Sophia : Wear half as much makeup and twice as much underwear. Take it as a standing recommendation. 

And the laughs just keep on coming. I laugh constantly and am reminded of nights watching with my Nana when I was younger. Whatever ails you in life can be solved over coffee/tea, great friends, and… Cheesecake.


No cheesecake tonight, but some really fantastic Italian Gluten Free cookies. Found them on my shopping trip yesterday. They remind me of cookies my Nana would make when I was younger.

It was a lovely treat!

Not overly sweet, or grainy, like most gluten-free treats, but with great flavor. Don’t judge me on the shredded packages haha, they aren’t resealable, so I popped these lovely gems into some zippy bags for future Golden Girl marathon watching.

Also spent some time participating in the #SundayBlogShare on Twitter today. Can I just say, awesome bloggers, and some pretty interesting pieces I came across as well.

As far as rainy, dreary, dark, and gloomy Sundays go…this one turned out pretty good 🙂

Those are my Random Musings and Wanderlust for today. 🙂


Join in the Random Musings and Wanderlust ;-)

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