Imperfectly Perfect With You

My heart in your hands
the weight of the world on your shoulders
you bear the burden of all before you

you tackle it with grace and strength
you set forth to conquer the demons
change the perception, the course of the world

you have the power
in the subtle things you do
in the words that you speak
in the actions that you take

you bring forth a comfort and calmness
you are unique unto yourself

you share your dreams, haunts, desires, and fears
you are all I could have imagined
and more than I could fathom

you are the sun
the moon
the stars
and galaxies
combined in one
fantastical expression of God

In my heart you can find
all that I am
and all that I have
aligned imperfectly perfect with you






When thoughts from your past
float through the atmosphere,
invading the quiet crevices of your mind,
they tend to leave little remnants behind.

Unbeknownst to you, they seep on through
taking hold at the most inopportune times,
a nagging reminder that you must address,
unless you choose to acquiesce.

Why is it within moments of pure joy and bliss
fear, worry, doubt, and unworthiness set in
What fans the burning fires of the flames
Is it within ourselves that we should lay blame

Self sabotage, wreaking havoc
lay it all to rest
snuff out the burning ember,
and please try to remember…

You deserve this happiness


photo credit: Cover via photopin (license)

It’s a snow day

Snow is falling, slowly, steady, heavy, wet.

Not much fun, but oh so pretty to look at

In the midst of blowing flakes, a moment of regret

to be young again, with no care in the world

the dreams of childhood marred by responsibilities

the view is beautiful, snow covered limbs, pristine and clean

can turn from natures painted canvas to heavy loads to bear

bending, turning, swaying, cracking under pressure

but oh so pretty to look at.

A moment captured in time

interpreted many way by the eyes who view it

how do you choose to see it?

a view of peace and tranquility of natures masterpiece

or danger and fear the possibilities of trouble lurking in the air

I think we all wish to see peace and often do

until that moment, reality, creeps up and takes hold

ahh to have a snow day as days gone by

when times were different and life wasn’t so serious

I think it’s time I go jump in the snow

maybe the weight won’t be so hard to bear

once you let it go





I love watching you sleep
thinking the things that you might think
swirling around in your mind countless times

The crook of your lip arching slightly upward
the wrinkles around your nose paint a picture of peace
the lines framing your eyes like soft brush strokes of a masterpiece

I find joy and peace within your presence
as the moonlight cascades across your frame, you remain in quiet slumber
I dare not to wake you but I can’t resist the temptation you present

Warmth from you radiates across the cool bed sheets
Longing to wrap myself within your embrace, I gently slip into your waiting arms
nuzzled up against your chest, your grasp tightens with a gentleness only you possess.


When my curves meet your angels

When my curves meet your angles,
melding seamlessly together,
I feel all is right with the world Continue reading


Waiting patiently, in the pale moon light

for the moment of his return.

Hair slightly damp, curly, and wispy,

the crisp cool linens, gently draped over her body.

Echos of the footsteps from the floor below,

beat steadily to their own drum.

A subtle whoosh of the ceiling fan joins in,

delicately creating a symphony unbeknownst to them.

Minutes pass, yet feeling like hours,

when the sound of his footsteps suddenly perk your ear.

Eyes peek open to catch a glimpse of his shadow on the bedroom floor

as the familiar smell of his aftershave swirls in the room.

Softly the sheets glide across your body

to make room for his entrance.

His caressing touch greets you as he joins by your side.

photo credit: Sleepy via photopin (license)

photo credit: Sleepy via photopin (license)


The early morning hours

when the first breaks of sunlight

dance playfully across your chest,

my fingertips try to trace their steps.

Always slightly behind, entwined,

I get lost within a trance

amid your salt and pepper fields.

When a simple glimpse of shade

tries to break my unfaltering gaze

I remain, transfixed

on the canvas slightly beneath me.

I nuzzle my head comfortably

in the curve of your chest

finding my spot

till daybreak breaks our embrace.