Time to build the 6 ft cat tree. Or “Let’s see if this relationship will survive”


“He won’t read directions”

“We can’t do any home project together without wanting to rip each others hair out”

“He’s a control freak and wont let me help”

“She gets all the tools, and hardware mixed up.”

“She doesn’t know what a flat head is compared to a phillips head”

Does any of this sound vaguely familiar to you? If so you might be suffering from ~ Incompatible Home Improvement Syndrome.

It affects 1 in 3 couples, and has been known to tear apart relationships before they can even have a chance to get off the ground running.

“Hey hun, I found a great painting that would look fantastic in the hallway. Let’s put it up?” Does hearing that question send shivers down your spine? 

If so, let me assure you, your compatible mate to home improvement projects is out there and waiting for you to find them. Quite possibly in your nearest home improvement store.

All joking aside, if you think about how many times you and your partner have worked together building something, working on a home improvement project, cooking, etc. it probably hasn’t been without some flaws, and sometimes you realize that it’s just better to not do something together. It’s not a bad thing to do your own thing. You may not be interested in laying tile, he may not want to crack a few eggs for brownies, you may not want to get down and dirty with grout, and he may look at you with three heads when you say you want to make a souffle with him. Or vice a versa if he enjoys doing the cooking and you’d rather paint the back deck. Whatever it is you like to do, it’s often fun to at least try to do it with your partner.

Sometimes it doesn’t always work out for the best. You can get on each others nerves for the littlest thing.

That has been my luck in some of my relationships. Often times, because I am a little extra independent and will do the home improvement project as well as the souffle, we can end up butting heads. Everyone has a better way of doing something that they think is the best way to do it because they’ve done it millions of times before and sometimes (yes I’m singling out men here from my perspective) men don’t like it if women know how to do something that they believe they should be doing. Especially if the woman does it faster and presumably better than them.

I’ve been really lucky in the sense that David and I work really well together, either in the kitchen or in the project fix it area. We have our moments where I’d like a little extra space while mixing up something in the kitchen, or he would like me to hand him the allen wrench a little faster. Like before he asks for it he expects I’d already know he needs it and have it waiting for him lol. I also have moments where I think he should know when to hand me an egg for mixing up a cake, but we don’t always get what we want.


Last week, we had a lot cut out for us. We decided to tackle the project of the 6 ft cat tree for Lilo and Stitch to play and lounge on.

We almost bought one in Petco, but found this huge one online at Chewy.com at a really great price and it was larger than the one in the store.

What did we get ourselves into, we thought. Actually it wasn’t that bad.  25 some odd parts, screws, hoozywatsis, and about an hour later, we came out with a stronger sense of self. Or each other if you will.

It didn’t happen without a few little hiccups, let’s be frank, because at one point we thought we had an extra screw. It turned out to be the anchor for the wall if we chose to use it. We worked well together, until part 10 had to go into slot b, then it was all a mess…for a moment.


He expected that I knew he needed the allen wrench at that exact moment.

“Hello where’s the wrench?”

“Why, we don’t need it yet, I’ll get it when we get to screw 19.”

Expectation is the root of all evil… or a grumpy moment for some people. I turned around and pointed to the wrench…

“If you want it so bad, reach over and grab it!”

He perked up pretty quick, and made a joke out of it as usual with a grab of my bum and we were off to finish up our project.  But then Stitch decided she was making home of one of the cubbies, before we could get to it. Finally after some coaxing with the treats, she came out and let us finish up.

All in all we worked very well together, and that in and of  itself is a huge accomplishment in many relationships. The ability to work together on a project when both partners are strong, independent people that know what they’re doing. Hell we even read directions together. It was fun, and we made it fun. We didn’t make it a chore. Heck we painted the laundry/walk in closet room together a few months ago and even worked on taking apart the washer and dryer to spruce it up and replace one of the belts in the dryer.


So I think it’s safe to say it was a success, for us and the kitties. They seem to have settled into their new treehouse quite nicely if I do say so myself. Although Stitch seems to like that top perch wayyyy too much lol.




Wordless Wednesday


If we were having coffee…

imageI’ve finally had a moment to sit down and enjoy a cup of decaf. It’s already 5 pm probably by the time this gets posted and I’m exhausted, so decaf will do. It’s all good though, I’m not complaining.

So grab yourself a cup of what you like, pull up a comfy chair and enjoy the view.

Dave’s watching Paul Blarth, Mall Cop, funny movie if you haven’t watched it before, and I’m here curled up next to him but blogging for a little bit.

We had a funfilled weekend with the boys. On Friday night we all went to a Chinese Auction at the local middle school for their SEPTA fundraiser. (Special Education Parent Teacher Association) It was filled to capacity with people, and they apparently raised over $23,000 on this their 20th anniversary. N even won a basket of baking utensils, cookbooks and some other goodies that he gave to his mom.

Saturday was an outdoor adventure day and we took them out to the nature trail I go to quite often, and although it was mixed with some slight apprehension of “getting out in nature” they enjoyed every minute of it and are looking forward to going back again. We packed a nice lunch for everyone, went inside the visitor center/educational center and checked out the animals/flowers/trees and basically everything that create the protected wildlife marshlands at the National Wildlife Refuge. After some time in there, we headed out on the trail with hopes of catching a glimpse of the Bald Eagle that has a nest nearby. No such luck on catching that view, but our views were nonetheless just as lovely.



They boys, all three of them 😉 came with me to the coffee shop, and I got a little caffiene pick me up just in time before the rain started coming down. They ate their lunches, but I was embarressed by the fact that I assumed something with Dave’s youngest son, N. He’s a bit of a picky eater, and I packed a Lunchable with lite bologna in our cooler for him to eat while we were out. He swears he loves them and eats them all the time, so when I saw he ate everything but the bologna, I thought he just didn’t want the protein again. Afterall he ate the cookie, crackers, and cheese but no meat. I asked him what was going on, but said “how come you’re not eating the cookie? are you saving if for later?” He says no and has this look on his face like he’s upset. So of course I don’t know what’s going on and that’s when he pulls back the plastic wrap he had crumpled up inside the bologna part, and I wanted to vomit. The damn bologna was green molded!!!! Seriously I was ready to freak out. I never buy these for him, neither does his dad, and I double and triple check expiration dates ALL the time and he I was again looking at the date. May 10th, 2016! This should not be molded. I showed Dave and was so embaressed. That’s the last thing anyone wants to do is feed someone something that is bad. N took the package from me and ran to the garbage and threw it out. The person I am was like….wait, I should take it back to the store, I only bought it yesterday this shouldn’t be happening. But at that point it was too late. I wasn’t garbage digging for moldy bologna. Luckily I had other food packed. I’m always over prepared lol. And he had plenty more to eat. When we got home we played Headbandz yet again, and watched some of the original Star Trek episodes with the boys last night. I had no idea they liked Star Trek, the original that is. Which I think extremely cool.

And today was a nice relaxing day at home watching How it’s Made, and some Food Network. J keeps asking to cook with me, so I’ve got to get an idea of something he would like to eat so we can make it together the next weekend they are over. Of course this evening wouldn’t be complete without some finishing touches on the laundry/walk in closet room. It’s almost done, just need to put the clothes back on the hangers and the dressers into the room.

After a long weekend even the cats are a little exhausted taking in the setting sun. Now I bid you a good evening, because I’ve got some relaxing to do myself. 🙂

Thanks for joining me in Weekend Coffee Share~See you soon.

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If we were having coffee: Monday Musings?

Dang has it been a while or what?  I have taken a long break from my coffee share posts and at the end of every weekend I feel a twinge of sadness because I’ve really missed linking up with you all. One of my favorite posts were the Weekend Coffee Share, I have no reason why I haven’t done them, except that my weekends have been busy. I try to do a catch up on Mondays with my Monday Musings posts, but let’s be honest, it’s just not the same 😉

So grab a nice cuppa something hot, or cold if you prefer, grab a comfy cozy chair and join me for a bit.

So how have you been? How was your week, any exciting things happen? Did you go to any St Patrick’s Day Parades, or go anywhere fun?

We opted for a painting party.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled, Weekend Coffee Share, for a: Monday Musings. Life gets in the way and sometimes we just have to regroup and start over again. So here we go. Hope you refreshed your coffee cup, or what have you, and are ready to face the day.

Our weekend got away from us, yet again. A mixture of good and the bad.

Good because we celebrated Easter a little early and had an Easter Egg hunt all set and ready to go for Sunday morning.

27 eggs.

The Easter Bunny entrusted us to hide 27 eggs around Dave’s house. We filled them with money.  One large one had a single penny, one was empty, and a few smaller ones had dollar bills, but mostly change, and when we went to recalculate where we had hid them. We miscounted. 25, then 26…never 27. We must have walked in and out of rooms and up and down stairs 5-6 time each. We made a list, and always came up short. We couldn’t blame it on the cats, as poor little Lilo has been sequestered in the upstairs bathroom with a recent diagnosis of Pancreatitis, and her sister Stitch was very mushy keeping to herself upstairs in our bed. J was asleep and it was just the two of us not able to find this damn egg. Thankfully we didn’t have any real eggs, cause well that would just be stinky and nasty if we couldn’t find it.


And as I just mentioned, our poor little Lilo has not been doing well. The last week or so she had been having accidents around the house. Her litter, which isn’t too far away, seemed to be too far away for her to reach in time. She already has bad stomach problems, and is on a daily steroid medicine, but something just wasn’t right with her. A trip to the vet on Thursday, some blood work, more medicine which includes a probiotic, antibiotic, and a probiotic paste the poor thing lost 1.5 lbs in 3 months I believe. If this was the case with her plump sister, there wouldn’t be such concern. But, Lilo is petite, and that is a large weight loss. On Friday morning after a follow up call with her Vet, the Vet diagnosed her with Pancreatitis.


Things took a little turn for the worse come Sunday morning. After, J found all the eggs, yes all 27 of them. Thankfully! He did much better than his dad and I did 😉 Lilo still wasn’t eating, or drinking, and she was still having accidents even though she was confined to a smaller space with a litter box, bedding and food (all separate from each other cause we know cat’s wont eat and shit in the same small space) We tried 6 different wet foods, we gave her the dry food she likes, and finally by 1 pm on Sunday she ate some canned tuna fish. Not the best thing but at least she was eating something. We’ve been monitoring her closely for the last few days, and will continue to do so. Luckily by the end of the day when David came home, he found that she had eaten 1/2 a can of the wet Friskies food, and about 20 pieces of the dry food. We actually counted how many pieces of food (yes this one we counted properly 😉 ) so we could monitor how much she was eating. She also drank some water, but still not going to the bathroom. We will revisit the Vet by Wednesday to see what we should do next. Please keep her in your thoughts, send some good vibes, say a little prayer, whatever it is you might do.

Through all the Easter Eggs, Corned Beef & Cabbage, Clam Chowder, and kitty health scare, David and I have been painting and cooking up a storm. If someone was there to photograph us, let me tell you it was a sight to see. Even, J couldn’t stop laughing at us. We got more paint on each other than we did on the walls at some point. It was all in good fun, and honestly in all my years and my past relationships, I’ve never been able to do something like painting a room, or fixing an appliance with my boyfriend without getting into an argument of who knows more about what to do. It is so refreshing. He’s renovating the laundry room/walk in closet and we went and picked out new floor tiles a few weeks ago and the contractor was able to finish up the work and design I picked out in pretty decent time.

So we decided to freshen up the walls and lets say we did a damn good job of painting. Our only problem, we didn’t get the right finish lol. It was a gloss finish, but we picked out the same color Cozy Cottage, but got the eggshell finish instead. So after our first coat of touch ups dried, we realized we needed to do the whole damn room. So we did. Then there were spots on the ceiling that he messed up lol so that lead us to having to do the ceiling over. And wouldn’t you know the white ceiling paint he had was the wrong shade of white!! Another trip to Home Depot for paint and we repainted the ceiling, but we opted for more of the Cozy Cottage in an eggshell finish because lets face it…we are not painting professionals so we really couldn’t screw this up. Walls and ceiling same bright color and it came out really good. Now to get the washer and dryer back into the room, after we seal the floor tiles. The room should be complete by Thursday and I’ll snap a pic or two for an update.

To top off our already interesting weekend, we went to bed with a beautiful sunset, all to wake up in the morning with snow. Yep the first day of spring has sprung, with a snowfall. It was beautiful from sunset to sunrise.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and had a lovely Monday as well.

Wordless Wednesday 

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday