Sweetness among the sorrows


It’s a cycle we all go through. Some longer than others, some without issues, some with major devastating ones. Disease, struggle, hardships, ups & downs. We all have a certain baggage if you will.

Life as we know it is full of sweetness and sorrow. Just wish the sweetness would outweigh the sorrows so many are suffering.

It’s a given we are born, and we die. But all too often, and much more recently in my lifetime, there has been more loss. Could it be because I’m aging and am more aware of life’s sometimes short cycle? Could it be that I’m just more aware of it and it’s been ongoing for far too long? I’m not sure what the answer is, but honestly the amount of loss so many of my friends and acquaintances are going through is tearing at my heartstrings. I’m not trying to sound trite, or without compassion, coming up with flippant comment. It truly is heartbreaking to see the loss that is happening daily. Either on a personal closer to home scale, and the far more widespread world scale.

It seems as if life is coming full circle. I’m in the position my mother was/is in. Instead of seeing family or friends at weddings and baby showers, it’s at funerals.

Siblings, parents, spouses, children, loved ones in so many ways are passing more frequently. It’s a stark reminder that life is too short and can pass you by in the blink of an eye. Parents are aging, freak accidents happen.

Life…happens. And then it doesn’t.

And it leaves you with the ultimate question. Why?

I’m usually not at a loss for words. But sometimes, especially during times like this, words escape me. I can say how sorry I am for your loss, I can offer words of sympathy for you and your grieving family, I can tell you to take comfort in their memory and that they are at peace. Which are all heartfelt sentiments that I wish for you. But nothing in life truly prepares you for how those words you say, or type, come across to the one receiving them. Those words of comfort can often feel absent of compassion. Because it’s like putting a price value on a life. How can you sum up the loss of a dear loved one in a simple “So sorry for your loss”? It’s simple, and truthful, and we can only hope understood.

In our lifetime, we all deal with sorrow among the sweetness. Sadly, as we are getting older it seems sorrow has been taking the lead. Life can prepare us for the inevitable, but only in theory. It’s the final act that tests our limits and acceptance. I am saddened beyond words the last few weeks at the amount of loss that has hit people who surround me, either close friends, or mere acquaintances. Lives taken too soon, without a warning, or even those who we feel have beaten the odds countless times and without a doubt will persevere yet again. They have lost their battles, and leave the world left behind sweeter for their presence during their time in it, yet full of sorrow for their future absence. ❤

My wish for you during your time of grieving, is to find… sweetness among the sorrows.



2 thoughts on “Sweetness among the sorrows

  1. I feel the same- more loss as I get older, on a personal level and as you said around me. It is hard to bear some days, hard to fathom. Sometimes it is not the words, but the action- a hug, an arm around a shoulder, a listening ear that helps to mend


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