Well that just sucks doesn’t it.

img_2378I don’t know why I decided today of all days to check on my Google+ account and how the blog posts have been sharing over there, but I did, and oohhh well that just sucks doesn’t it.

Every single item I’ve shared over there for the last 12 weeks has been shared ONLY with me. WTF!*%$#@ I never changed the settings, never would have something just shared with me, hello the point is to SHARE the post with whomever wants to read it.

Every other item ever shared since I started linking the WordPress posts to Google+ shared automatically and publicly each and every time. Until it didn’t. Why did it decide to change without letting me choose? I guess I only have myself to blame because I haven’t looked at G+ in a while. But it still sucks because the last 3 months of posts have basically all been for naught.

I can’t change prior posts visibility status, unless there is a way and I’m too hyped up on Benadryl and Pseudoephedrine to find it and well that sucks even more because I can’t figure it out.

Argggghhhhhh Ok I feel a little better, not.


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