#AtoZChallenge X-Marks the spot

Life is a journey. We can all agree with that statement. One of wonderful possibilities, if and when we choose to embark upon it.

Often times we feel we are held back by obstacles out of our immediate control, or by forces that interfere within our life, kinks in the master plan if you will. But what if those kinks are all part of the master plan? The plan we are not allowed to know where X marks the spot. We don’t always know where our destination is, sometimes it’s not within our control.

It is, possibly… predestined. image

Life isn’t like your summer vacation, where you pick and choose the hotel, airline, food, entertainment, etc. Sure you can lay out an itinerary of sorts, but be aware that even within the best laid plans, things pop up and plans change. Kinks in the master plan on your way to buried treasure.

Throw caution to the wind, accept the changes when things go awry and move on to the next location. You will get to your destination within the right amount of time, and along the proper path, even if at times it looks like the worst path possible. Sometimes we need to go through the rubbish. Enjoy the process, even in the midst of the garbage thrown your way.

So, where does your treasure map lead you? Do you know the path with which you’ll choose? The easy paved road? Or the one with gravel, dirt, and mud?


At the end of the day, which ever path you partake upon, have sturdy shoes, a strong will, and an open mind and heart. For whatever is thrown your way, handle it with pride and strength, it will get you through thick and thin. And for all the garbage thrown your way, you will appreciate the treasure at the end that much more.

Remember that rainbows need rain as do flowers to bloom.

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