#AtoZChallenge S is for Songs from my youth

You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh…. “Louis Armstrong

I grew up listening to a variety of music from Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Frankie Valli, The Chantels, Janis Joplin, Barbara Streisand, Carol King, and John Denver. 

Variety was the spice of life in my house. My mom would tell me stories that when she was pregnant with me, she would put the record player, or 8 track player up as loud as it could go and she’d be dancing around and singing in the house. It was her exercise. She constantly played music and would continue to do so even after I was born. Of course at lower decibels 😉 But music was always present in our house.

Granted as I grew up our tastes in music would be on other ends of the spectrum. I remember I was about eight or nine years old and I found one of her old Beach Boys 8 track tapes. At first I was like “what is this” ? Then I remembered. At this point cassette tapes were the hot thing, and turntables still were spinning the vinyl. I searched high and low to find the 8 track player, but to no avail.

As I matured my tastes changed with the wind. From Rock, Metal, Punk, Disco, Alternative, New Wave, to Rap. Depending on my mood and who I was hanging out with especially when I was in my teens. I just never could get into Country. Besides the old standbys of Cash, Parton, and Rogers who would play in the house, Ring of Fire being one of my favorite tunes. Country just never became an earworm for me.

That is until recently. I’ve found myself tuning to the Country station on the radio, and not quickly switching over. I don’t mind it. Ironically enough, I’m still drawn to the old school tunes, mixed in with some New Country as well. Is it age? Is it maturity? Are my tastes changing? I think it’s just more of an appreciation for the talent that comes forth in the songs. Not saying that all of it is good, there is plenty of terrible music out there in every genre known to man. And at the end of the day, I always like to revert to my Classics.

It’s funny, here I am 41 still thinking I’m young (I am there’s no telling me otherwise) and my music is considered Classic Rock or Classic by genre standards. It’s not current. But what was once old is new again. Kinda like acid wash jeans from the 80’s 😉 Some things shouldn’t repeat themselves but some things never go out of style.

I can remember specific life events, and all of them go back to the particular song that’s playing at the time.

I remember my childhood friend and I at her house, we were about 10 years old, and her mom had just made her a new dress. Prince’s: Raspberry Beret came on the radio, it was the first time they aired the song, and as she’s modeling her new dress, we start singing along like we were his backup singers.

Or when I was 16 and my friend and I went to a house party where a local metal band was playing. They were just starting to sing Guns N’ Roses: Welcome to the Jungle and we were on our way home cause I had a 10pm curfew and I didn’t want to be late. Little did I know that Mom was on her way to the house party herself after hearing word of drunk puking fools on the lawn (not me lol) Mom shows up just as we pull away walks to the back yard and approaches the singer. He stops singing looks at her and she says where’s my daughter asking for me by name. He apparently said my name over the microphone and to this day, I can’t live it down. The singer in question is my bffeaadadyfiever brother in laws, brother. So all these years later when we get together we laugh about the day my mother took the mic from Jeremy to see where her daughter was.


See what I mean. These are only small moments in time, but pivotal memories and they are enhanced by the music that was playing in the background. Like a movie set, the music and scenery all play a crucial part in telling the story of our lives. Moments enhanced by music, songs that stay in our memories for lifetime. This can also run the opposite of songs that bring us sadness for they remind us of moments that don’t bring us pleasure but pain. Still each song, each memory, each web that’s been woven tells the story of our lives.

What songs tell the story of your life?

** I was trying to find videos of Prince’s: Raspberry Beret but it seems as if his collection has been copyrighted and there are no valid videos available. At least not ones I would like to use here.

**Another side note, this post has been in the draft process for about a week, prior to the passing of Prince yesterday April, 21st 2016. He was 57 years old. RIP Prince.

“Dearly Beloved we are gathered here today, to get through this thing called “LIFE” RIP Prince”


2 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge S is for Songs from my youth

  1. You’ve been exposed to a variety of music as I have growing up, Paula. Though I grew up in India, my grandparents home was full of western classical music, my Dad always listened to opera and then I was exposed to all genres of music – country and western, Celtic, rock and roll……


    • I feel variety in music is a learning experience of different cultures that we often might not be in contact with. Learning how they came to be, and appreciating the differences and intricacies as well. Exposure to things outside of a confined genre are fantastic if you ask me. 🙂


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