#AtoZChallenge/Wisdom Wednesday Q is for Quality Quiet time

Sometimes in our day to day life where we are surrounded by multiple people constantly wanting or needing something from us, all we really want is some Quality Quiet time for ourselves.

Those moments of silence, uninterrupted where we can just go into our own headspace to clear the days hectic thoughts. It’s not a moment of ignoring people, or being mad at them and not wanting to be around them, but it is merely needing a moment of solitude to simply just be left alone quietly. Spending some quality quiet time by ourselves is almost comparable to getting a massage, or enjoying a cup of coffee on the front porch, taking a walk among the trees, going to the gym perhaps, or simply just closing the bathroom door to pee in private.

It may not seem like quality to you in the moment but after it passes and you’ve moved on to the hustle and bustle of life as we know it, those few moments of quietness turn into quality. They enhance our quality of life simply because we are able to detach from what is demanded of us and focus our energy back to taking care of ourselves even if for mere moments.Quality Quiet Time

11 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge/Wisdom Wednesday Q is for Quality Quiet time

  1. I had to laugh at the comment about quiet time to pee. I used to have two little girls follow me to the bathroom, and now it’s two dogs and a cat! Even if they don’t come all the way in they each have to peek in to see what’s going on!


    • Lol I would figure most moms would get a kick out of it and even though I’m not in that boat, I get the cats who do the same thing. If they can open the door, which they can and will, they come in. It’s like give me a moments peace even while I pee please lol 😉


  2. I need a ton of quality quiet time, being a huge introvert! I am worried because I’ll be in school full time for a new career and working 24 hours in my job and won’t have near as much time for my hobbies- most of it will be spent studying!!


  3. I wrote about the same thing, quiet time! Great minds think alike…? Time alone to pee was hilarious, I don’t have little kids but I have a dog and a cat that follow me around relentlessly including to the bathroom!!!


    • Lol I don’t have children and never experienced it myself but have heard numerous stories over the years of mothers not being able to have to to pee let alone do anything else by themselves. But the cats, yes that I totally get. My boyfriend has a pocket door in the bathroom off the kitchen, and the smallest cat, Lilo never fails to open it up when you’re indisposed lol


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