#AToZChallenge O is for: Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Dr SeussIt was my High School graduation on a blistery hot morning in June of 1993 and, Ms. Bauer, one of my schools English teachers gave a commencement speech. I’m sure similar ones have been heard around the country on many a graduation day and they probably included a pep rally of a speech. One to encourage growth and potential of every student that would be walking up to receive their diploma.

I have to admit, the reading of Dr. Seuss’s, Oh, the places you’ll go probably didn’t have a huge impact on me at that precise moment. But oh did it have an impact as my years in college went by and my life there after as well.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Maybe I didn’t get to all the places I would have liked to, so far, but life as we know it is ever evolving and therefore the possibilities are still alive and kicking. Dr. Seuss knew what he was talking about all those years ago, his wisdom in childhood books with clever illustrations, and rhyming rhythmic snippets of insight may not always hit home when we are first read the lines, but as years go on and our own wisdom increases we begin to see their value.

Don’t lose sight of what’s ahead of you. All the uncharted lands you’ve yet to explore, the adventures that await you, the moment you walk out your door.

Oh, the places you’ll go!



4 thoughts on “#AToZChallenge O is for: Oh The Places You’ll Go!

  1. love the quote ❤ the speech of my History teacher at my graduation really stuck with me, too. He told us to always say yes and to take all the chances and try all the new things and to always do it with your whole heart! now I find it a bit dangerous to tell 18-year-olds to try all the new things 😉 but nevertheless i still try to live by his words.

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    • Isn’t if funny now looking back and thinking those words might have all different meanings for an 18 year old vs life as we know it now 🙂 But I still think it’s good advice, I think often we live a life where we are afraid of venturing out of our comfort zones, and we need to let loose a little. 🙂


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