#AtoZChallenge E is for Eggs

img_1210This is by far one of my favorite sayings:

If you can’t decide how you like your eggs, what else will you settle for in life?

Oh I like my eggs a particular way for sure. I want that deliciously runny yolk, over medium by preference, but heaven forbid that white is raw or runny…well it’s going back to the kitchen, ASAP.

I don’t take kindly to poorly cooked eggs lol. So when I decided to try the whole : Egg in Avocado trend, it was safe to say I wasn’t blown over with my attempts. I still enjoyed it, but I really wanted that runny yolk.

The 400° for 20 min recipe I found online, really didn’t work for me.  But it did taste decent enough that I tried it again. Unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough to take a photo as I cut into the creamy goodness. I didn’t expect warm avocados to taste good, but the combination with the runny yolk, melted cheese, and pepperoni really meshed well together. Yes I put pepperoni on my eggs.

See right there ⇑ that’s two eggs over medium, with pepperoni and mozzarella . Look at that yolk, not too much, not too little, just right!

Eggs no matter what way you like your eggs, enjoy them!


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