A to Z Challenge: C is for Certified Organic Coffee!

I was never really a coffee fan. Except during my years in advertising. Working in Manhattan there was a *bucks on every corner. There was one even in the building I worked in, just 6 floor below. Two times a day I would hit them up for a fix. I even wanted, dreamed of one opening up in my small little town way back in the year 2000.  Then I stopped. It just wasn’t doing it for me. I wasn’t really enjoying my experience. The coffee was there, the caffeine was ok, but it just wasn’t for me. I went back to drinking tea, and water.

Until 2013 when I was just driving down the highway and happened upon a sign painted in a storefront window that read, Coffee. It was so cute, and quaint. Why not give it a whirl I figured.

That day, was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Both literally and figuratively.


If you’ve followed the blog in the past, you will find the comfy cozy chair very familiar, as well as the rest of the shops decor.

Tend Coffee, the brainchild of Roast Master, Susan Kennedy and her husband, Chef and Confectioner, Daniel Kennedy is located in Shirley, NY and is a Certified Organic Coffee Roaster. They create and serve hand crafted espresso, coffee, and fresh pastries, as well as their line of hand poured chocolates : Chokola’j


Yes even the pastries are handcrafted. Daniel creates his pastry magic at a separate licensed production kitchen, and each delectable treat is baked at the store daily. From their “inside out macaroon” which I happen to be a huge fan of, to their scones, muffins, cookies, and handpies you simply can not go wrong when choosing an item from the pastry case.


Pastries aside, the coffee is phenomenal. A handcrafted cup of perfection, is what I would call it. Roasted on site, in by far the largest roaster I’ve ever laid eyes on, the aroma can be smelled within at least one to two miles away from the shop if the wind catches it correctly.


From seasonal lattes like the Bunny Hop, or the Four Leaf Latte, to fan favorites of Cinnamon Bun, Samoa Cookie, and even Rainbow Cookie! The flavor combinations are endless, and if you don’t see something you would like, one of the baristas would be happy to create something for you. Even if you prefer old favorites like Mocha, or Caramel Macchiato, hot or iced, they have you covered. At Tend Coffee, they also create some of their most used flavorings for your beverages. From Anise, Cinnamon, Banana, Cardamom, and Lavender Honey, just to name a few.

Let’s just say coffee isn’t your thing, I don’t know why it wouldn’t be especially with fabulous Organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee as this (they have 9 varieties Certified Fair Trade) they also have handcrafted Teas, Chai Tea, frappes, hot chocolate, and even some bottle juices/beverages to choose from.



This little gem is a wonderful addition to my community. Not only because of the wonderful coffee and pastries they offer, but also for their presence and friendliness of everyone that works here. No matter who you are, when you enter these doors you’re treated with respect, greeted with a warm welcoming smile and are made to feel at home. Heck if you’re a regular like myself, you can even have your coffee served in your own real mug 😉 I took ownership, or as we like to call it: Adopted this guy a few months ago. It was about time I think. But if your not a regular, and would like your coffee in something other than a to go cup, you can have  it served in a Tend mug!


I feel spoiled when I have a Cinnamon and Caramel Sauce Latte…oh by the way their caramel and mocha sauces are also handcrafted and are to die for! But yes, I feel spoiled, because when I go away on vacation and the only choice for coffee is the poor quality served at certain establishments, or the box store you find on every random street corner, I long for a cup of Tend Coffee.

By the way, my coffee preference as of the last five months or so has switched to half caff. Yep it’s not even full fledged caffeine anymore and I don’t notice a difference in flavor at all. No jitters either from cutting back. When I serve coffee at Davids house or my own for that matter, I use Tend’s Espresso Pull blend in half caff, and they grind it for my particular coffee machine. David’s Brother in law commented on more than one occasion that “This is the best coffee I’ve ever had. You know I’m not lying because I actually finished the first cup and would like more if you have any left”  As part of their Hanukkah present, I made them a gift basket filled with a pound of half caff, two Tend coffee mugs, a gift box of Chokola’j  mixed chocolates, and a slew of other goodies. They served it at a holiday dinner, and all their friends needed to know where to get this coffee, because it was the best they ever had.

It’s Tend Coffee of course, you really should get some.

If you’re ever traveling the East End of Long Island, N.Y. you should stop on by and check out this quaint little shop. And if you can’t get in your jet to swing by, you can always check out their website at Tend Coffee 


*This is my opinion, I was not paid to endorse this product/company/business.*

4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: C is for Certified Organic Coffee!

  1. I’m not a huge coffee fan. I like good coffees, and I like trying exotic coffees but I’m not a coffee snob. I make coffee in a French Press but usually I just do instant (shame!). But, on the other hand, I love me a fabulous coffee shop! The one you described sounds divine. And the pastries… YUM! Now I’m in the mood for something sweet!
    I can tell you were in advertising: you did a great promotion for that shop! They should be paying you! 🙂
    You really worked in advertising if you worked in Manhattan, advertising capital of the world. I spent most of my career in advertising of one form or another (media planner/buyer, ad sales for i2 classic rock radio stations (Washington DC and Austin TX) and finally a stint with Time Warner cable. Then I started my own agency: just a small media planning/buying agency but I gave that up back in 2002. I got too burned out on the business and to this day, never want to have to do another media plan as long as I live! That business has that effect.
    Are you still in advertising?

    Great post. I in need of a handmade pastry now…and a good cup of Joe!

    Michele at Angels Bark


    • Thanks so much for stopping by, I have to laugh at the instant coffee comment, my stepfather loves instant coffee and won’t drink anything else. I often have to tease him, just a little about that. When I truly believe in something, a product or whatever the case may be, I will give my best description and try to highlight it’s best attributes. So thank you for thinking that my promotion was done well. They did like the post, which I informed them of after it had gone live. They really are a great shop, great people, and well great coffee and pastries as well.
      I used to be a media buyer for a direct response agency. I haven’t run across many others out there in a long time. I’ve been out of the business since 2000 after a bad car accident, I always dreamed of going back to it, although the hours were grueling, and some days I did want to walk away, at the end of it all it really was pretty great adventure so to speak. I can understand the getting burned out early, it definitely has that effect on you for sure. 🙂


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