A to Z Challenge. B is for Bloggers Open House. 


Ok folks it’s that time again!

Bloggers Open House. 

Use this post to share a link to your site, or blog post you would like to have a little more traffic to.

The Blog community is a generous one, and what better way to show my thanks and support to all of you wonderful bloggers, than to open my humble page to your posts and pages.

I have often found new, interesting, and quite diverse array of blogs just by browsing the comment section of a blog I already follow.

You never know what you might stumble across through this thread. Or the A to Z Challenge thread as well. 

So my fellow bloggers take a moment, drop a link, or even share another bloggers page that you are quite fond of. This will be kept open throughout A to Z, and maybe even reused again during one of the other letters of the alphabet.

So enjoy! My door is always open!



37 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge. B is for Bloggers Open House. 

  1. Hello all! I’m from Texas and write about my life as a new Army wife uprooted to Upstate NY for the next few years. I’d love if you’d visit me, particularly this post – https://nikisthoughts.wordpress.com/2016/04/01/march-favorites-meet-greet/

    It’s a list of about 30 blog posts I thought were pretty great for some reason or another throughout March. Also, feel free to leave your own links, or those of a great blog you like as well

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