Monday Musings~ a weekend with a house full of teenage boys

Pretty much what the title says. We, David and I, spent the weekend with a house full of teenage boys. What were we thinking?

Well it was, David’s oldest son’s birthday on Saturday, he turned 14, and for his birthday he wanted a sleepover with some of his friends. So David, as any great father would do, said sure thing son, a sleepover it is. J invited some friends and even his younger brother was allowed to invites some friends over as well, this way everyone had someone to hang out with.

Preparations for the party included everything you could think of for a birthday party but also included stuff for the sleepover and the next morning, as we told parents we would also serve breakfast. Up until the drop off, at 3 pm on Saturday afternoon, we weren’t sure how many kids would be sleeping over. There was some miscommunication from the RSVP’s  and we also thought only 1-2 kids would be able to sleep over because some had prior early morning engagements to attend. But once the parents were inside and we saw more and more sleeping bags and backpacks, David and I looked at each other and he said, What did we get ourselves into? Not sure dear, but we will soon find out!

By the time the last kid was dropped off, we had 9 boys, and 1 girl. No she didn’t sleep over, let’s clear that up now. One of the moms, upon meeting me for the second time (the first was at David’s son, N’s birthday in October) didn’t know how to address me. She says hi and asks, “You’re the mom? Aunt? Please forgive me I know I met you before but I have a terrible memory” I’m an easy going person, and don’t mind the confusion especially when I’ve only met you once before, so many months ago. “Oh no, I’m not mom or aunt, I’m their Dad’s girlfriend, Paula and no worries I forget who people are all the time.” She was visibly embarassed and couldn’t stop apologizing. I said all I could to reassure her no harm no foul, and I wasn’t insulted at all. Honestly, I wasn’t. It’s a simple mistake. I think she relaxed a little after everything I said, and she left giving us a resounding “Good Luck”

Oh boy, why would she do that? Did she know something we didn’t? What are we in for?

What we were in for was a handful of kids for about 16 hours. When the kids all got the game plan for the day, we changed our minds and let them all outside to play manhunt and whatever else they wanted to in the large back yard. It was chilly out and originally we didn’t think outside was a good idea, some kids had the sniffles, who was coughing, etc. But then we said go for it. They were out there about an hour while we got a few more last minute things set up for the coming night.

Snacks, juice, water, everything was set. Pizza and garlic knots for dinner, and a vanilla cake with chocolate pudding filling, and a chocolate butter cream frosting was for dessert. I had expected a sugar rush running through their bodies and the house for hours, but it was surprisingly good. They mainly chose to drink water all night, who would have thought.

After pizza, some games, and dessert the boys started to divide into groups. We had about 4, 10/11 year old boys, and about 5, 13-15 year old boys. The older boys played on the PS3 in the family room, and the younger ones were in the den watching Night at the Museum and Return of the Jedi. The little guys were out cold by 11:30 and well the older boys were up after Dave and I went upstairs to be at 12:30.

We talked for a while before falling asleep, and couldn’t be happier how things were turning out. This was a first for me, I don’t have children and well all of these events with kids are a first for me, and for him I think this was the first time in a long time he had so many kids overnight. A learning experience and one I think turned out splendidly.

Everyone was up before the alarm rang at 8, well the kids that is, and it was soon time for breakfast. Although I had plenty of options, eggs, oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, waffles, french toast…all but two boys wanted the pancakes/waffles/french toast, so they had cold cereal. In the oven the frozen mini creations went. Yes I took the easy way out. But with all those boys it was the most logical option and fastest way to get them to eat. And eat they did. I’m so glad. Last thing I want is a hungry kid.

By 12 noon, two cases of Poland Spring water were gone, and not like they picked up a bottle and left half of it randomly around the house. I was impressed. We actually have left over juice boxes, multiple bags of sealed chips, and some popcorn boxes leftover. I over estimated on the snacks, and David’s sister who tried to help out a little brought over a ton of juice boxes, so a donation to the local food pantry on Wednesday morning it is. Not that that is the best thing to donate, I just don’t want the food to go to waste and none of the parents wanted to take any of it home. They, like David, don’t give that crap to their kid(s) on a regular basis, but for a celebration it’s a different story.

By 1 pm Dave, the boys, and I were all cleaned up, mainly because every kid helped clean up after breakfast and before they were picked up. We had an amazing bunch of kids over for J’s 14th sleepover birthday party. Polite and well behaved, manners that you would hope your own children have when they are out and about or at home for that matter, and it honestly was a wonderful day. Exhausting is an understatement, because by the time Dave and I dropped the boys off at their mom’s Sunday afternoon, all we wanted to do was fall into bed and stay there. But that wasn’t an option since we had more to do for ourselves for the week. We woke up this morning just wishing for another Sunday to catch up on sleep. But the world awaits and things need to get done. We wouldn’t have it any other way because the weekend was a success.

We can sleep tonight…


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