The attack of the Kitchenaid Dishwasher


Walking downstairs to the smell of charred wood, when there is no wood burning stove, or fireplace that gets filled with wood, brought on fear and panic to Dave and I this morning.

WTF is that smell?

We check everything imaginable, and then we realize it might just be something from the oven when we cooked a chicken last night although we didn’t burn anything. Anything is possible right?

Apparently so. When I moved closer to the sink and dishwasher the smell became so undeniably strong and overpowering. Checked the sink, under it and nothing was there. Open the dishwasher and I was hit with a wave of stench so unbearable I almost threw up.

WTF happened here. Every single dish and storage container smelled of charred wood. How did this happen? Frantically we empty the dishwasher, and upon Dave’s inspection, we find this gem.

His favorite steak knife. Ok but the question remains. We haven’t had steak in quite some time, and we don’t use it any other time really, so how the hell long has it been in the dishwasher? We only run the dishwasher maybe once a week on the weekend because it’s quicker to hand wash them.

This still remains a mystery, and I don’t think it’s one we will soon solve. But just think about how hot that water heating element is inside your dishwasher! Has to be pretty damn hot to char the wood handle on a knife and part of the blade.

Off to the store for dishwasher cleaner and hopefully the smell of charred wood will leave it and the house for good ASAP.

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