Monday Musings, our 1st Valentine’s Day

Another glorious Monday morning has graced us, and although it’s slightly snowing, and will probably continue into the evening on and off, I still think it’s a wonderful day. Just as this weekend, although frigid temperatures plagued any outdoor activities, was a wonderful one as well.

It was Valentine’s Day/Weekend afterall, and it was our first Valentine’s Day together. Although we didn’t spend it alone, it really was time well spent. It was Dave’s weekend with his boys and we spent it watching movies, baking, relaxing and spending some quality time together. Temps outside were 0° and felt even colder, and with his youngest having asthma, as well as myself although mine is controlled, we decided we would spend the weekend inside.

Friday evening when I arrived at Dave’s house after picking up some extra goodies at the food store, I started to unpack some of the bags, but before I had a chance he quietly grabbed my arm and ushered me to the kitchen table where waiting for me was the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, a card, and a box of chocolates.

“I tried getting you daffodils, I know they’re your favorite, but they were very hard to find.”

Daffodils or not, this was simply a wonderful Valentine’s Day present. I don’t need, want or expect extravagant gifts, I much more prefer something that comes from the heart, and I know that anything Dave gives me, is from his heart. Some may say it’s not Valentine’s Day gifts if you exchange it before hand. BS I say, especially this time, Dave hasn’t been feeling too well the last few days, and honestly had he left the house on Sunday to go get me something I would have been more upset than getting a gift on Friday night. Honestly, it’s Valentine’s Day, but with any great relationship, Valentine’s is celebrated every day. With us, that’s exactly what it’s like.

After a quick dinner Friday night, some time watching Myth Busters, and then as the boys were all tucked into bed, my Valentine made me some special hot cocoa with the cutest strawberry marshmallow floating atop. All within my newest favorite mug he got me a few weeks ago. image

Saturday we basically spent the day in pajamas, watching the Kids Baking Challenge on Food Network and some DIY & Science channel shows. Dave’s oldest son loves cooking and baking and I’ve gotten him interested in watching the cooking shows, and both boys love the science shows so it was a nice relaxing day. We even baked heart shaped cookies, that came out more tie-dyed than red, and an extra special cookie I made for Dave.

imageTrying to keep Dave from seeing it as it baked in the oven was a task within itself, and it worked for the most part, until I took it out of the oven and had it cooling on the cookie rack. While I was upstairs changing the laundry I hear Dave “wait a second, don’t eat those, I think Paula made that for me.” Then I hear giggles from the boys. Yep they must have seen the I ❤ U cookies I made for him.

When I came into the kitchen he’s holding the I and says “Is this for me?” with the biggest grin on his face. I said no it’s for the kittens and we both laughed, as Lilo and Stitch were circling our feet.

Sunday morning, we were woken up by two little boys at 7 am, who couldn’t sleep. So we were all up at the crack of dawn watching Simon’s Cat video clips on, N’s iPad. Finally leaving to go downstairs for some breakfast, the boys wanted to help cook with Dave but we made it a team effort as usual. Boys set the table, Dave and I made breakfast, he even tried to make my coffee for me.

” I had all intentions of coming downstairs to make you breakfast this morning and bring it upstairs to you, I would have even tried to make your coffee. Although I’d probably screw it up. But that was before the kids came in to wake us up. I hope you don’t mind?”

Did I mind? Nope not at all. The intentions were there, the thought was there, and I’m glad he didn’t make my coffee. Just imagine what it would have tasted like. Haha. Especially since my morning pot of coffee was the last of my 1/2 caff espresso pull from the coffee shop. What would I have done without my coffee?!

I just looked at him, pulled him close and gave him a big kiss. We hear giggles from the den, they must have caught us in the act. Yep it’s Valentine’s Day, Every day ,with us. This just so happens to be our first official one.

Happy 1st Valentine’s Day, Hun. I’m so glad I get to spend these days with you. ❤


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