It’s a snow day

Snow is falling, slowly, steady, heavy, wet.

Not much fun, but oh so pretty to look at

In the midst of blowing flakes, a moment of regret

to be young again, with no care in the world

the dreams of childhood marred by responsibilities

the view is beautiful, snow covered limbs, pristine and clean

can turn from natures painted canvas to heavy loads to bear

bending, turning, swaying, cracking under pressure

but oh so pretty to look at.

A moment captured in time

interpreted many way by the eyes who view it

how do you choose to see it?

a view of peace and tranquility of natures masterpiece

or danger and fear the possibilities of trouble lurking in the air

I think we all wish to see peace and often do

until that moment, reality, creeps up and takes hold

ahh to have a snow day as days gone by

when times were different and life wasn’t so serious

I think it’s time I go jump in the snow

maybe the weight won’t be so hard to bear

once you let it go




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