Monday Musings. Damn Good Chowder and Eggcelent Breakfast for the WIN!

Another whirlwind weekend has come to an end, and well it was an interesting one, as they all are 🙂

Dave had his boys this weekend and we spent some time relaxing watching Food Network and even went to see Kung Fu Panda 3. I have to say, I never watched the previous 2, but this one was adorably cute and funny. I won’t spoil it for anyone who may want to watch it, but I will say it was a good movie for kids and adults. A few tears, and lot’s of laughs. Definitely a winner.

Breakfast with the boys is a bit of a struggle. They are extremely picky eaters, and usually just want frozen mini waffles and pancakes for EVERY MEAL, or a frozen Banquet meal of mac & cheese or chicken fingers. Not. Gonna. Fly. Nutritional value is absent and it’s all empty calories because within an hour they’re hungry again because the carbohydrate rush has just crashed. Getting protein in their diet is one of the hardest things we seem to find. So little victories of eggs, ham, and even gasp…hot dogs is a win in our books. I will gladly make you mashed potatoes or mac and cheese to go with your ham but you need to eat your ham. I will gladly give you mini pancakes if you eat one egg first, and I will make that egg any way you like.

Speaking of eggs, last week when the boys stopped over during the blizzard, I asked about food preferences again. Eggs was one of them. “Have you guys ever heard of Eggs in a hole?” a resounding NO echoed in the house. Onto my phone to pull up a visual, and I happened upon The Pioneer Woman ~ Ree Drummonds recipe and showed them a photo. “looks cool, I like runny eggs” N says. “Ok, when you guys are over next weekend, we’ll make you egg in a hole” J is steadfast and likes his scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon so he’ll stick with that he says. Ok fine with me.

Saturday morning I set out to make breakfast, it’s like a restaurant up in Dave’s house some days I swear. I’m a short order cook lol. I don’t mind, as long as they eat it. I make J’s scrambled eggs, and set out to make, N the egg in a hole. Bring it to the table and he’s disappointed that the yolk isn’t runny enough. Daddy eats it and back to the stove I go. Should I have made him eat it anyway? Maybe, maybe not, it comes down to the fact I want him to eat something other than just pancakes and waffles. So I’ll try it again with hopes for a runnier yolk.

Jackpot! As I hear the sounds from the kitchen table.

imageJ~ I’ve never heard you make sounds like that when you eat, N.
N~ Oh my goodness, these are amazing. Pau-la-la, why does this taste so good?
Me~ It’s because I made it, I say with a laugh and smile
J~ Well she’s right. She’s like a mom and loves us like one so she knows how to make really good stuff. It’s like mom can microwave my waffles for 45 seconds and they’re the best. When I do the same thing they taste rubbery. It’s a mom thing.
N~ I don’t know what it is, but this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten. If you make eggs like this I would eat them every day. They are amazing, they taste so good and the yolk is mmmmmm…

As his words trail off, with bites of eggy goodness filling his 10 year old mouth.

Yes a success it certainly was.

As was Saturday nights dinner, and Sunday’s lunch leftovers lol. Dave proclaimed from tasting a hearty spoon of New England Clam Chowder “Whoa, that’s damn good chowder. We outdid ourselves. That’s the best I’ve ever had” And I would admit, we made one damn good pot of New England Clam Chowder. Better than I’ve ever had before. Neither of us ever made it before, until we began our experiment. While the boys sat playing a game on their laptops, we were busy in the kitchen cooking up some dinner. They however didn’t eat what we were eating, but they did have ham and homemade mashed potatoes.

We shucked 17 chowder clams, with no shucker, don’t even ask but a butter knife and a hammer were used and no one was hurt in the process. If I could have taken a picture I would have. Next time we will use mainly canned clams. Or buy a shucker. Not going to complain, it was an adventure, and cooking together is always an adventure with us. I have to give Dave major credit, he cooked the spicy mussels up all by himself. Not that he can’t. let’s make that clear. But he’s definitely not a “I’ll sit my ass down on the couch watching tv while you slave over a stove” Kinda guy. He likes to get his hands dirty in the kitchen as well as out in the garage. I love it.  I was going to help him I swear, but I was cleaning up some stuff in the kitchen and make sure the kids were eating, so he took to the stove and created some magic.

imageIt was a weekend filled with amazing flavors and fun times. He even tagged along, and drove me back to my town to meet up with one of my girlfriends for a cuppa the good stuff. This is the man that does not drink coffee, and even though we both smelled like coffee after our little visit, he didn’t care. He sat in the comfy chair, and joined in on our conversation every so often. But he was more entertained with the customers and his episodes of Counting Cars on his phone. Thank goodness for WiFi 🙂

It’s sad to see the weekend go, but today’s a new day, and Monday’s are what we make of it. I made it a day to have a Cinnabon Cappuccino and an inside out macaroon! The chocolate is on the inside. Say What?!?! I say Monday, the first of the new month no less, is off to a success. Let’s see what the rest of the week brings. I see some recipes for New England Clam Chowder, and Spicy Mussels on the horizon. 🙂

As I’m reading over this post, it is reminding me of my Weekend Coffee Share Posts I would do months ago. I do miss those “catch up posts” I guess my Monday Musings sort of do that catch up with you all, but I admit, it’s not exactly the same thing. Thinking a reintroduction to the link up is on my agenda in the coming weekend. I do miss it…


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings. Damn Good Chowder and Eggcelent Breakfast for the WIN!

  1. Hi, I’m pleased to have discovered your blog, it reminds me of when I was trying to win my husband’s boys over, food was my secret weapon. I think I finally ‘made it’ with cowboy pie. Pastry crust, lined with sausage meat, studded with hard bold eggs, covered in baked beans in tomato sauce, and topped with a pastry crust. Fabulous hot or cold. The eldest is now 45 years old and still asks for cowboy pie!
    Have to say I’ve never heard of egg in a hole so I’ll try that out on my great nephew.

    BFN x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for stopping by, Krista and for the follow. Wow I’ve never heard of Cowboy Pie before it sounds quite interesting, and although I would definitely give it a try, my boyfriend’s sons are extremely particular and picky eaters. It is a struggle to say the least lol. Have a fabulous day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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