I’m doing great, thank you!

So what do you do when you accidentally click on that Facebook message you never expected to get?

You’re just sitting there working on your blog post on your laptop and your phone gets a Facebook messenger notice that your girlfriend wrote to you. You haven’t spoken in a while so you’re excited to see what she’s got to say so you quickly open the app up, and before you even know what happened, you’re not reading her message.

The thoughts that run through your head…

Where the hell did THAT come from?
WTF did I just do?
Why is he messaging me?
What’s the real reason behind the message?
Ugh, now he sees I opened it, do I reply, or not?

imageOk it’s not earth shattering news for damn sure, but it makes you think. Once the initial confusion wears off, I mean it has been a few years since we’ve talked so it gets my gears working. Turning. Thinking. Seeing the name in the message, after taking a few blinks of the eyes, and then re reading the short sentence, realizing it came in last Thursday. My mind turns to wonder. Analyzing the sentence. Simple. To the point. But why?



Facebook even says he’s in my contacts. Well that’s odd, because he hasn’t been in my iPhone contacts in quite some time, unless it’s because we used to be Facebook friends as well. Questions.

But the one question I keep coming back to is why?

Why send a message like that, it wasn’t really necessary. I mean if you think of it, if I came up as a suggestion there isn’t any way for me to know that until you make me aware of it. He could have very well saw the suggestion and moved on to something else. I’m sure we all get those suggestions, but it doesn’t mean we need to start reaching out to people.

Let me just say, I’m over this experience. It’s in the past and it should stay as such.  I don’t regret it, because simply put it brought me to the place I am in right now. So now the question remains…do I reply and engage in conversation?

What would you do if a guy/girl you dated a few years ago just randomly sends you a message? Do you reply? Or just let it go?

Answering questions sometimes leads to conversations and I really don’t have anything to say or talk about. Except I can answer his question as simple and truthful as possible.

I’m doing great, thank you!

7 thoughts on “I’m doing great, thank you!

    • Agreed, Rosie! This one ended not terribly badly, but bad enough. Definitely not someone I’m friendly with, so I did decide to just let it go. No response is really necessary, because I really don’t want to open up the lines of communication. Thanks for stopping by. Gonna go check out your page now. I think I saw you on OM’s page yesterday. Have a great day!

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  1. Depends on how the relationship ended I think. I’m pretty sure I’d be wondering the same things you are. Opening up a conversation with an ex probably not a good idea in the long run. He saw that you saw the message, and not answering it, pretty much does let the other one know you have moved on. 🤔

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    • Thanks, Deb. 🙂 Ironically it’s not a bad message but one that leaves the interpretation as to what’s really the agenda of even sending one as simple as it is after 3 years have passed. Agreed that opening up a conversation isn’t a good idea. It ended not on friendly terms, I mean it was cut and dry to a point, and no interaction thereafter. So no point in it from my pov.

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