Monday Musings, a blizzard and a coffee cake

We survived Blizzard Juno of 2016. He packed a pretty mean punch, but we were prepared with the necessities, and hunkered down for a long winters night. Food~check, Coffee (for me) ~check, Doctor Who marathon ~check, and plenty of snuggle time~ check.

imageI was a little crazy and hit up the supermarket Friday, evening around 5. WORST. TIME. EVER. Especially with an impending storm knocking at our front door. A brand new store in the area, taking over the no longer existing PathMark store. It’s a pretty huge store. But with this storm it seemed as if everyone in town was here. Looking to get last minute items, including myself. I was going to make Manhattan Clam Chowder, Dave’s request. Like I really needed to go to the food store. 30 minutes on line waiting to get to a register. The lines were wrapping around the front of the store, down almost every aisle. I snuck on a 10 items or less line, with my 20 items. The lady in front of me who insisted I follow her, said “Don’t worry, if they complain just split the orders and I’ll say it’s my stuff” That was so nice of her. Luckily the assistance wasn’t needed.

I stayed by Dave’s for the storm, and it was a little odd for me to do that. I’m usually at my house, and during the storms I try to shovel as much as my body will allow me before she protests and starts raising the white flag of surrender. Then I also enlist some help from people who are canvasing the area looking to help people dig themselves out.

I don’t like it when my parents go out to shovel. It’s not that they physically can’t. Ok they really physically can’t, but they are stubborn old goats. I mean that will all due respect and love, they’re just like me, or I’m just like them. I don’t like to ask for help. So leaving them there to fend for themselves, I was concerned. But mom insisted it would be fine. They wouldn’t do anything foolish.

Thankfully they kept up their end of the bargain.

During the storm we kept ourselves occupied. We watched Doctor Who, he actually likes it, but we’re watching backwards. We just finished the 9th series, and now Dave is hooked. So now I have to get him to watch it from the beginning, well the beginning of the new series. And we cooked. Together. I love when he cooks with me. Even those times I say he gets on my nerves when he tries to add extra spices to a dish. But I like how we work well together in the kitchen 99% of the time 😉 Unless I’m under time pressure, or during the holidays when his sister and brother in law were over, I worry about making sure things come out right. The first time. He’s like, it’s family don’t worry. But first impressions are important to me. Although I know it’s not crucial, I just like to do things the best of my ability.

But this weekend it was just the two of us for the most part. We made chili, a pot of sauce, turkey meatballs, and chocolate chip cookies. We didn’t make that Manhattan Clam Chowder, because while at the store I bought the wrong kind of clams. I bought clam sauce, not baby clams. 😦 talk about a disappointment. I also couldn’t figure out if I wanted apple pie, or coffee cake. So I made the best of both ~ an apple cinnamon struesel coffee cake. It’s the bomb diggity. Recipe to follow in the next post.

The morning after, Dave plowed us out with the snowblower, and I shoveled some of his driveway and my car out, together we made a pretty good team. However I insist next time there’s a storm like this, we hire someone to plow us out. He wouldn’t let me use the snowblower, I kept joking and saying “I’m strong like bull, girl bull, but still strong” he found the humor in it but still wouldn’t budge. Except to let me take hold of the handles for a few seconds. I didn’t realize how much power those things had. And although they take some of the work off of you, they still take quite a lot of energy from you so you can push through the heavy snow. We are both paying the price this morning. And even yesterday we were feeling the effects of it.

We must have gotten at least 18 inches. Reports are scattered across the island. It seems like the only ones who enjoyed it were the kids, and maybe the kitties. Dave’s eldest son, J had a ball out the back steps into the yard. He made it his own personal snowtubing hill. He was out there for about a half hour just sliding down, wiping out, and walking back up to the porch to do it all over again. His youngest, N said he had plenty of snow time while at his moms earlier in the day. So he stayed inside with us, and we all watch his big brother working up a sweat.

Homemade hot cocoa, and chocolate chip cookies were waiting for everyone when, J finally came in and dried off. We ended the night with some homework, and watching Myth Busters. I really couldn’t have thought of a better way to be snowed in than with my guy, his kids, and the kittens. It really was a great weekend, even with a blizzard!

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