When I got to Dave’s house last night, after I was greeted at the door by him and the kitties, we made dinner. Lilo has a habit that when I’m sitting at the kitchen table, all she wants to do is climb on my lap. Especially when I’m eating something. She finds a way to squeeze her little body between my not so little one and the back of the chair.

She always finds a way.

Then without fail, she attempts to climb my back, or wrap around my waist to see what’s on my plate. Sneaky little thing. She knows she can’t eat our food, so we nicely put her back on the tile floor and hope she finds her own food dish. Eventually she does, and then it’s her sisters turn. Stitch will try to do what her sister couldn’t accomplish. It’s a game between them. Let’s see who gets the dish of food.

Not gonna happen.

We decided to watch some NCIS last night. It’s not my normal show, but Dave likes it so I try to watch it with him. Hey, he will watch Doctor Who with me. He actually likes it too. So while we were relaxing on the couch all snuggled up with our blankets, low and behold little miss Lilo decided to join us. She jumped on Dave’s chair, and curled herself up in a ball right between his legs. How does she do that? Her tail so perfectly wrapped around her head. And almost instantly, she falls asleep.

Stitch decides she wants in on the action, but knows there’s no more room on daddy’s lap. So she jumps on mine and climbs up the back of the couch to perch herself above my head. I tried to catch a picture, but she wasn’t having any of that. No cooperation from her, plus the selfie wasn’t flying with me either lol. But as for Lilo, there really wasn’t any complaints. She continued to sleep quietly, for about an hour, when Dave needed to be rescued because his legs were falling asleep.

But how could you move this little love muffin? She was so happy, just laying there, all snuggled up in a ball. Who needs to turn the heat up when you have your own personal heater right there?


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