Monday Musings. The cat’s outta the bag.

We had our first snowfall of this winter, one that lead to some accumulations at least, back in September I believe we had a few flakes fall from the sky but nothing much to talk about. This morning we woke up to about an inch covering the grassy spots, but luckily the roadways are clear. It started falling slowly yesterday afternoon as they predicted, and Lilo and Stitch loved watching it fall from the sky. They were running from one windowsill to the other to get prime viewing space. When we finally headed upstairs to go to bed, both cats were sleeping peacefully in their little kitty beds.

But that quietness all changed at 6 am when Stitch jumped onto the bed or more precicely my stomach. She kept meowing and kneeding the bed covers and tried to get our attention by headbutting Dave, or using us as a jungle gym climbing all over the both of us. I figured she was just hungry, and trying to let us know it was time to feed her. Or maybe she was still amazed by the flurry of flakes that were falling from the sky, albeit very little at that hour, and she wanted us to see what she was seeing. But she was making a fuss enough to wake us up.

Her sisters slumber was not to be disturbed by any of these shenanigans,  and when we finally escaped the warmth of our covers and started to get ready for the day, Stitch would not leave my side. I began to pack my bag up and she began the headbutting again, but this time into my bag.

Off I went, bag in hand, and tissue box in tow heading downstairs to the kitchen so I can get my coat and go outside to get the car warmed up and brushed off. As I was putting on my coat, Dave walks in and asks what I was doing. I told him I was going out to start the car and brush off the snow, let the car warm up a little. He laughed as he leaned in to give me a hug, but I sensed his cold hands coming in for a landing and backed away. “What do you think I was doing outside. For that alone I get to give you a hug with cold hands” he said. I can’t describe how grateful I am that he cleared the snow and started the car, seriously he’s the best boyfriend for many reasons, but ugh those cold hands, I really didn’t want that kind of hug but how could I resist.

As he gave me a hug and a kiss we heard a meow in the background. It was Stitch. It had to be. For a few moments we ignored her meows, and I started to make Dave’s lunch, and packed my yogurt for the coffee shop.  Everything was ready to roll and we were ready to face the day but when we turned around, there she was, perched atop my bag, kneeding and headbutting it.

We couldn’t help but laugh.

She didn’t want me to leave this morning. She knew I wasn’t coming back tonight, and didn’t want to get off my bag for anything. Talk about adorable, and what a little ham. Oh and that face.

I mean just look at that face.


Gotta love that face. Sadly, Stitch needed to vacate my bag. I couldn’t take her home with me today. She was much better off all snuggled up at home in her bed or Dave’s bed, than she would be out and about with me today. Plus she’s way too big to fit in my bag. 😉


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