Monday Musings, How can you be mad at that face? I’ll tell ya how…

img_0338We woke up New Years Eve morning, to Lilo, and Stitch jumping on the bed. Or where they there already?

Who knows these days. Sometimes in the middle of the night the girls will sneak into bed with us, find their way under the covers, and plop down for a long winters nap.

If we are laying in bed watching television all cuddled up, one of them will find a way to get between us. Usually maneuvering herself within the tiniest spot available, most likely between our faces because lets face it, when you’re cuddling there isn’t much free space. But if there’s a centimeter, Lilo and Stitch will fill it with their fluffy body.

That doesn’t get me mad, well maybe a little upset.

“Hey, you little stinker, stop getting in between us and our alone time missy.”

One of us will say with a hearty laugh.

The laughs stopped the other morning though. As I reached for my phone to take that adorable photo of the two of them, Lilo decided to make her way between the two of us all the way up to our pillows, and let one loose.

Yep, she farted. In our faces. WTF!

img_0336Oh my goodness, I had no idea that such a little kitty could have such a powerful thing escape her hiney.

She was worse than a dog! You hardly heard it either, it was like a little bit of air coming out of a balloon. Psssss! That’s it. Not this long drawn out sound, it was short and sweet, well certainly not sweet.

We vacated the bed as quickly as possible, and ran to the bathroom to wash our faces. Granted it was just the thought of her doing it that kinda grossed us both out, but we both felt violated. Upon our return to the bed, Lilo was back in her little spot, all snug like a bug in a rug. Acting as if nothing at all happened.

“Don’t look at me like I did something wrong, daddy.” look on her sweet face.

This cute little, sweet girl, let one loose upon us. A mighty one at that. A few hours later, after opening all the blinds in the house to let in the last light of the old year, both girls decided to bask in the sunlight. They finally left the bedroom! Just looking at them, it reaffirmed the fact that you can’t really be mad at those faces. Seriously, could you?

Well if she farts again, I may have to insist on a ban from the bedroom. I am highly allergic to them after all… 😉


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings, How can you be mad at that face? I’ll tell ya how…

    • Lol, you’d think that they eat table scraps or just a ton of food, right? They are actually on strict diets and eat prescription food especially, Lilo(the smaller one) she has tummy troubles and she’s on steroids 😦 Think it’s a combination of everything. But whatever it is, it’s potent lol


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