Snot nose kids, celebrity sightings, just a regular day in the neighborhood…

“Don’t leave your dirty tissues all over the table after blowing your nose on them.”

Yep that’s what I just heard in the coffee shop, from the lady sitting at the little table behind me, as she’s intermitantly blowing her nose and sucking in her snot in unison with her husband and one son. What a visual! Even writing it, and not looking at them I can picture it. She’s probably looking over my shoulder as I type this right now.

I walked into the shop along with them. Young son, about 8 held the door open for all of us, including me. They quickly got on line, I on the other hand wanted to snag one of the few tables available. I did. My favorite spot was still open, even at this hour. Chair a little wobbly, but the table was settled and firm. I waited for the line to get a little shorter, after chatting with a friend who I ran into for a few moments, and decided it was time to put my order in.

While online there was a woman, a little bit older, with long flowing blondish grey hair. She was dressed with a long coat and furry boots. Those boots. I don’t like shoes, but those boots, they were hot! Totally caught my attention as did she. She looked sooo familiar. But where and why was oblivious to me in my moment of caffeine necessity. The barista thought the same thing and started a conversation with her, but my attention was diverted again.

The long drawn out sound of chair legs scraping on a tile floor, and banging into the chair behind it. My chair. With my new coat draped over the back. I see out of the corner of my eye, walking over to my table with my computer, phone, coat, and laptop bag surrounding it, the father proceeds to just take the extra chair from my table. Do I need it? No. I’m alone with my coffee hopefully soon, and my blog to try to work on. BUT, most people ask if they can have the extra chair. And I happily oblige them, because well why wouldn’t I, I don’t need it and they do.

A table meant for two has four chairs squashed around it as it’s propped up against the window ledge. They all prepare to huddle around it,  two hot chocolates, a cappuccino, and a peppermint mocha latte with a variety of pastries strewn in the middle. Slam the chair again kid, with no reprimand from the father as the mother is bringing the treats to the table. Joy, guess my quiet time to blog will not go as planned.

The baristas are chatting in between latte making, giggling and laughing so much. What is it that is so funny this morning? There’s nothing funny about this little rugrat bouncing his chair up and down, sneezing worse than me and trust me ask anyone who knows me I sneeze and blow my nose so damn loud I never do it around people especially when we are eating or there’s food around. It’s like a symphony of snot and mucous going around that table, three of four of them going round and round. And they get up to get milk, sugar, stirrers etc touching everything with their snotty hands. Can I offer them my purell? That would be rude, right? Ugh that sound, just as bad as nails on a chalkboard. Thankfully I’m not eating my yogurt yet.

I go to sit down, moving my whole table and chair so there is some space between the boy and I. Don’t need to be knocked into for who knows how long. I however get an evil eye look from Mommy Dearest. WTF? I moved my chair so you have more room and less chance of me getting hit from your child. Seriously don’t cross me. I haven’t had coffee yet and it’s only 9:30 am. They continue to do some homework, and a customer comments on how nice they are while doing their work on a holiday break. Math and English while eating and drinking. Ok they’re quiet, not frustrating at the moment, and finally they pack up to leave. Whew what a relief.

I go up to the counter to ask for an ice water and my yogurt that the girls were nice to store in the fridge for a little while.

“So what was so funny earlier?” I ask. “You girls were giggling like you saw a celebrity. By the way, do any of you know who that woman was with the awesome coat and those furry boots? She looks so familiar but I can’t place her. If she’s a regular I need to ask where she got those boots.”

“OMG you don’t know. That’s why we were laughing. I though she was a teacher cause she looked so familiar, and when I asked her she said no she’s an actress.”

“No way, really. Hmm all the way out here. Well we do have some celebrities living out here in our little town, like Anna Wintour. But that was certainly not her.”

“No it was Christine Estabrook, she’s in American Horror Story.”

The girls then proceed to open up their iPhones and google her.

“I don’t watch that show, but I know I’ve seen her in other things but with different hair. MAD MEN!! That’s where. OMG she played Jane Holloways mother, Gail.”

Here I am kicking myself in the ass complaining over some annoying kid and his parents who are sneezing and snotting all over the place, banging into my chair and I could have met Christine Estabrook. Ughhh. I’m not one for celebrity gushing, I’m often not affected by meeting celebrities as I’ve done it so often in the past, but this was a little different. The only celebrity I ever really had a star struck moment for was Anderson Cooper. I’ve always had a crush on him, albeit not one that would EVER be returned for numerous reasons, but when I met him I couldn’t find my words, let alone remember my own name.

So what did I learn today? Must have coffee before making doing anything. Don’t dwell on the things you can’t change, even if you’d love to change them you often can’t. Kids will be kids, snotty, loud, and all plus often times they are the way they are because of their parents behaviors. I still can get a little star struck when the right star is around. Take the time to be present. You never know what opportunity will pass you by if you’re preoccupied with trivial things out of your control. Be in the moment, be present, and be open to the possibilities ahead of you.

Yes all this was learned from paying too much attention to an annoying kid and his parents. I guess though, in the end, they did help me write this blog post.




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