Blazing inferno


Sitting quietly, sipping a cappuccino, Johnny Cash’s One Piece at a Time playing in the background

I’m gazing out the window, looking for a sign of what to write.

Inspire me! I yell under my breath.

Where is that spark I’m needing to ignite this fire?

It’s there, I know it, hiding quietly behind its cloak of secrecy, toying with my psyche

The days go by in a blur, one melding into the next

How did I get here?

How did I come this far?

Snap out of it! The headlights scream back at me, as they flicker in the dreary light , zooming past one by one

Then a lull and an eerie bleakness permiates the atmosphere




Flashes in the distance, as we follow with intent.

The rush of wind whipping across wheels, sloshing through the rain, spraying with delight across the pavement

Where are we going?

How long till we get there?

Time keeps rushing, faster, faster, faster

Take a moment and surrender

Before we know it time has passed us by, and we’ll soon ask again…

How did we get here?

Life is not worth living, if we are living it in a blur.

Let it all sink in

Bask in the delight that surrounds us daily.

Embrace the little sparks that appear along the way, and turn them into that blazing inferno!

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