Monday Musings

So here we are, yet another Monday Morning Musings. Ok this will probably post by the afternoon but that’s ok.

I do hope everyone, here in the U.S had a Happy Thanksgiving this past Thursday. I was a busy little bee getting things ready for Turkey Day. Dave had his heart set on a fresh turkey for dinner, and I didn’t want to disappoint, but when we found out the local farm had fresh birds at $4.95 a pound and the smallest one would be 12 lbs if we were lucky, I put the kabosh on that one. Yes Tom would be freshly plucked maybe the day before, and only about a 5 min drive down the road, but that price was nuts. But while I was shopping in Aldi’s they had fresh turkey’s for 99 cents a pound. Score for me. And let me say, Ethel…yes I named our turkey Ethel, was the most succulent turkey I’ve had in forever.

Ethel and I did a dance before she headed to the oven. Yes you read that correctly, I danced with Ethel the turkey before she went into the oven. It’s a tradition that my Nana used to do before making Thanksgiving dinner. She would clean the bird and as she cleaned it, she would sing and dance with it. Taking wings in hand and just doing a dance. It’s a fond memory I have of her and I don’t have many of her when she was happy, healthy and vibrant. Those moments I treasure.

So when my Mom gave me one of her old aprons to wear while I made our first Thanksgiving dinner for Dave and I, I couldn’t help but feel her presence even more.

It was certainly a day of firsts.

Our First Thanksgiving, we cooked the meal together and I have to say, we did a great job. He likes to get involved, and he’s by no means a man who will just sit and wait to be served. He participates. And I love it. Even when he tries to add a little something extra to the recipe lol. We stuffed the bird which was a first for me too. Usually I put the stuffing on the side. I used a Trader Joe’s gluten free stuffing mix and added pork & ground beef with dried cranberries, pignoli nuts, and apples. The stuffing that was on the side was most certainly better tasting than the one inside. It was overly wet and although it had great flavor, it was just too mushy for our tasting. But a success none the less.

Oh and I made apple crumb pie for the first time ever. I was so happy with the way it turned out as well. I’ve made apple crisps before and they taste really good. Dave wanted an apple pie for dessert, so I hoped for the best. I cheated a little and bought a gluten free pie crust from Whole Foods, and was so glad I did. As the apple crumb pie cooled on the back porch and the dinner was cooking, we watched some tv and just cuddled up on the couch talking about the upcoming holidays.

Hanukkah is fast approaching and he celebrates with his boys and his family. He also celebrates Christmas with the boys as well. He wanted to put up the tree on Friday, and I was a little surprised. I don’t think I’ve put up a tree this early in years. I kind of lost holiday spirit as I’ve gotten older, not totally but a little loss along the way, but  I’m by no means a Grinch. He hasn’t put up a tree this early in years either he said. His sister usually does it for him or with him and they usually do it closer to Christmas.

We ended our evening with dessert and conversations with friends who are like family to me. A couple of hours spent chatting with Lovey and Loveys Hubby (nicknames of some friends who are family) and their family. We haven’t had much time to get together over the last few months since we all have very busy lives, so spending time with them on Thanksgiving was really special.




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