Monday Musings

I’m going to attempt a new “series” of sorts on the blog. Hopefully it will get me back in the swing of blogging and get the creative juices flowing yet again. I mean, they are flowing, in my head. I just need to get it out on the blogisphere.

It’s about damn time.

So living life and enjoying the time spent with my guy and his boys, has been entertaining to say the least.

The boys know I’m gluten free and they understand, to a point, what that means when it comes to eating certain foods. They know I can’t have real bread, cookies, or cakes… as they call it. Most of my food is clearly labeled gluten free, especially if it’s in a box or a bag.

I explained my gluten issues to them as an allergy. It is easier for them to understand it in that light, especially considering Dave’s youngest son N, who is 11 has a nut allergy. His oldest son, J who is 13 also understands when explained in this light. They know if I eat gluten, my throat closes, I get itchy, sneezing, coughing and can get stomach issues as well. It hits pretty quick so sometimes if I inadvertantly get glutened they immediately say, hurry up Pau-la-la (that’s their name for me, it used to be, Miss. Paula then they changed it up. I quite like the new one 😉 ) get a benadryl. STAT!

Since all my food is labeled for the most part, they think they can’t eat it, or it wont taste good. Yes boys, I agree that gluten free bagel tastes nothing like a REAL New York bagel you’d get at the bagel store. Even slathered in cream cheese it won’t come close.

But trying to explain to them that just because something is labeled gluten free doesn’t always mean it’s made to be gluten free. Some things are naturally made without gluten.

Like Rice Cakes. popped-cheddarcheese-detail-sflbdc3855418cb46e438643ff2300547e50

Me~ Hey, N I got you some rice cakes when I went shopping this weekend. Would you like some for a snack today. I know you like them so I picked up a few different flavors.

N~ Sure, Pau-la-la

Me~ Showing him five different flavors of Quaker rice crisps. Pick one!

N~ Looking confused at the packages.

Me~ Is there something wrong? Did I not get the right flavors?

N~ No the flavors are ok, but do you have any that aren’t Gluten Free?

Me~ trying not to laugh, Sweetie rice cakes are naturally gluten free. They just put a label on it so that people like me who get sick from eating gluten, know that it’s safe to eat. It’s kinda like labeling something Nut Free so you know it’s safe to eat

N~ Oh ok, never saw them with the label before.

N walks off munching on the cheddar cheese rice crisps and kinda gets the idea of why certain foods are labeled the way they are. He finishes the whole bag and says. “They taste the same as real rice cakes. I don’t taste a difference” So the explanation goes on again to try to demystify the gluten free food. I explain that they changed the package of the crisps to make it easier for people like me to know they can eat the food. I explained how chicken and beef are naturally gluten free, that the only times things like that are not gluten free is when there are additives or seasonings on them. And that’s why people like me have to watch what they eat, and read the labels. And what companies like Quaker or General Mills and many others do by putting a Gluten Free label on their food helps us.


N~ Oh you mean like your Chex Cereal. That says Gluten Free on it and it tastes really good.

Me~ Yep, exactly. It’s always been Gluten Free, they put the label there to make it a little easier for people to know it.

He looks at me and it seems to sink in a little. Day by day I try to make him and his brother understand a little more and I think they get it.

Whenever we are in King Kullen (our local food store) they scour the shelves and are so happy when they see something that is Gluten Free.

J ~ Pau-la-la look what I found?! Holding a package of Udi’s Blueberry muffins. They are Gluten Free. You can eat these.

Me~ Awe thank you, J. Yes I can eat those, they are a safe food. I think maybe we can try baking some this weekend and see what they taste like.

J~ Thank you for the offer but no thank you. We can make them but I don’t think we will eat them.

Me~ Ok, J. We will see. …


Stay tuned for more Monday Musings 🙂




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