On the wings of a butterfly

On Monday morning, my Mom and I rescued an injured butterfly. You might be asking yourself “How do you rescue a butterfly?” and maybe you’re even wondering, Why?

IMG_6769The little beauty was on the front lawn just going in circles. She wasn’t trying to fly, and you could notice some markings on her wings, even a little break in part of it.

Quickly I took out my phone and looked up how to help an injured butterfly. You’d be surprised the information I found. From a Butterfly Rescue Site, to instructions on how to repair damaged butterfly wings. Either with light weight clear tape or “gasp” repair it with a deceased butterfly wing! Too much for me to handle, and I was fearful of doing more harm than good.

Mom went into the house to grab a shoe box, plenty to spare in there lol, while I continued to read that injured butterflies can be captured and fed a solution of sugar-water (simple syrup). Mix 1 tsp sugar to 10 tsp water and soak a cotton ball in the solution. I was hopeful she would at least try to eat. But if she didn’t, the website said you can use a toothpick to unfurl their proboscis, or put the solution on a q tip and put it on the butterflies feet to coax them to eat.

So as mom returned with the shoe box, in I went to make the simple syrup. She stayed nearby our little visitor to make sure no harm came to her.

On a side note. You’re probably wondering why I’m referring to the butterfly as a “she” well it’s quite simple. I view butterfly visits as a visit from my Nana, and my Aunt Rose, both whom have passed on and who I was extremely close to. Whenever I see a butterfly I say hello to them. To me it’s a sign that they are around watching over me. It’s sweet because my boyfriend, Dave feels similar about a butterfly sighting. He says it’s his dad visiting.

This sighting was especially significant to me over the last few days as I’ve had some frustrating things to deal with. Let me rephrase that. Nothing earth shattering, because life is really very, very good right now. 🙂 🙂 I’m extremely happy and I’m not complaining. And I think, no I KNOW, that is why we’ve been dealing with a pestering person who is like a boil on the tip of your nose or the cheek of your ass kind of thing. LMAO!! It’s funny because when I told this description to, Dave he could not stop laughing. I said, “that’s something my Nana would have called this pest”

So back to our little visitor.

After I came back outside with the simple syrup, we needed to get her into the shoe box. Talk about a task. I was worried of course of hurting her, or damaging her wings more. I didn’t know how to get her into the box. So I picked up one of the dry leaves and urged it under her feet. She climbed onto the leaf and then tried to fly, but just landed on the ground very quickly. This routine happened about three more times until finally I was able to get the leaf close enough to the box to usher her in.

IMG_6771Mom set it up so cute. She had a dishcloth line the bottom of the box, I put in the yogurt lid with the simple syrup soaked cotton ball, and left the leaf in the box too. Don’t laugh but mom decided to crumble up some bread, because well we all know butterflies eat bread, duh!!! lol it was cute, I kept telling her she’s not a squirrel. But we left the bread in there as well. You can kind of make out the bread crumbles in the top right corner of the box. We kept her on the front stoop for most of the day, till we returned from my doctor appointment.

She was still in the box.

The temperatures on Monday night were to drop significantly again, and we thought it was best to bring her in before the sun set. So I found the lid to the shoebox and poked holes in the top, more like 3 inch gashes along the top so there was enough air circulating. But Mom thought as the night went on she needed some light in there. So she got a battery operated light and put it in the box. I swear my mom has the best intentions but she is so funny and kookie.

Or so I thought.

She put the “nightlight” inside the shoebox for our little visitor, and I’ll be damn but she was snuggled up to the light each time I would look into the box. Who woulda thunk it?

This routine went through all of Tuesday as well, where there were moments I thought our little girl wasn’t going to make it till this morning. We kept changing the simple syrup cotton balls and put her outside in the sun when the wind wasn’t too rough.But she had the safety of the shoebox to shield her a little. This morning I didn’t think I would wake up to a happy site. But I did.

We decided to put her outside around lunch time, the sun was out and the temps were up to 75 degrees so we put her in the afternoon sun. After about 20 min Mom noticed another part of her wing had broken off and was stuck on the soaked cotton ball. I really was worried she wasn’t going to make it, and seeing more of her wing broken off just made that thought sink in more. Mom asked if maybe we should try to put her on the grass again and see what she would do. If she couldn’t fly we would get her a larger box and at least keep her happy and comfortable.

Off to the lawn we went. Mom was having problems getting her out of the box, so I came over and said I’d bend the box low to the ground and try to get her on the grass with that leaf that was still in the box. As I lean the box over, out she flew. I thought she was going to fall to the ground hard, but she took off soaring to the sun. She passed the red maple tree and flew across the street. It truly was a beautiful sight and I think I’m still smiling because of it.


I took this picture right before we brought her to the lawn, and she flew into the sun. I’ve heard stories that you’re supposed to make a wish before you set a butterfly free. I think this little lady knows exactly what’s in my heart and will carry my wishes to the sun and beyond.

See you again soon, Nana, Aunt Rose, and Dave’s Dad. ❤ 🙂 A sign that those we love and love us are always around watching. ❤


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