Is it just me, or do all women hide their underwear at the gynecologist office?

See them? Right there, just barely peeking out from between the folds of my jeans and t-shirt.

My underwear.IMG_6526

Why is it that we hide our bra and panties when going to the gynecologist office for our exams? Is it modesty, fear, embarrassment, or something we were taught from our mom’s? Could it be that our bodies are exposed, vulnerable, and under intense scrutinization and probing, that we feel the last shred of dignity we have is to hide our unmentionables between our jeans?

Think about it. There we are, legs up in the stirrups, staring at the ceiling. BUT at least our underwear is out of sight of peering eyes. Let’s face it, that’s not what we really want to hide, yet we do it.

Ok I do it.

Do you?

Are you a woman like me, who, when asked to “please disrobe from the neck or waist down, and use the gown or white paper sheet to cover up with” slowly takes her clothes off, and hides her bra and panties between the folds of our clothes?

Oh and don’t forget, you can at least keep your socks on. Unless you’re at my doctor’s office, they offer some really cool socks with the grippers on the bottom. You know those hospital issued socks you get when you’re admitted. So attractive and they keep your tootsies warm and toasty. Nope, thank you but no thank you, I’ll keep my socks on. I often joke with my gynecologist that I should make some socks that say “What’s Up, Doc” this way he’s looking at that rather than the hoo~ha.

I’m lucky I have a doctor that I’m comfortable with, and one I can make jokes with who also has a fantastic bedside manner. His humor, and personality really come through when I’m not to fond of being there. Then again, when are we ever fond of being at the gyno’s office? Ok maybe when you’re pregnant, I don’t personally know so I won’t assume, but sounds plausible.

Let’s face it, a gynecologist appointment isn’t a walk in the park. We get nervous, maybe worry, and let’s face it…it’s uncomfortable sometimes too. I don’t know, maybe at my next appointment I’ll keep my underwear front and center. Just lay it out on top of my folded clothes.

I mean seriously, what’s the worse that could happen? I’m already naked in front of strangers. It’s kinda like having one of those dreams where you’re at school or in a crowd and all of a sudden you realize you’re naked. I’ll just make sure I wear my semi cute underwear if I’m gonna lay it all out there to be seen.

10 thoughts on “Is it just me, or do all women hide their underwear at the gynecologist office?

  1. Snap! I do the same. Maybe it’s just our way of reclaiming some privacy and dignity. Then again, I have none left after having an emergency c-section at a teaching hospital. Talk about an impromptu exhibitionist experience!


  2. I had to smile at this one! Yes, I’m an underwear hider too! I’ve often wondered why I do it. After all, I’m hoping the doc has seen undies before and hopefully wears them! Perhaps it is a habit engrained in us when children being told “I can see your underwear!” and our embarrassment that followed.

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    • I think it does have something to do with habits from our childhood. It makes a lot of sense. Old habits die hard, perhaps? Totally agree, I’m hoping the doctor has at least seen a pair before. Maybe next time I should make a point of leaving them front and center just to see what happens. lol I’m sure the world wont stop spinning 😉

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  3. I’m a guy. I always wonder why women go to male gynecologists. Seems kind of suspect to me; not n the women’s part of course. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable with a doc who’s more familiar with the equipment?

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    • It’s ironic you say that, my boyfriend asks me the same question. Years ago I would have said I would only see a woman, which I ended up doing, because my first gyno was a decrepit old geezer with a “cut off your finger if you have a splinter ” mentality. But just because the doctor has the same equipment, doesn’t always mean they’re more familiar or even capable of knowing what their doing. I’ve seen women who seemed lost in the sauce so to speak. Maybe they were new, maybe they just didn’t know what they were doing, and in some cases I think they tried to hard. For me it all boils down to comfortableness. This Dr. is gonna be all up in your business so to speak. So if you’re not comfortable with them as a person, you’re not going to have a good experience.


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