Holy Bread!!

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The woes of gluten free bread eating, you’re bound to come across some Holy Bread at least a few times in your travels. Just so happens the two best gluten free breads (in my opinion) that have never been blessed with the massive holes or deep crevaces that show up in other well known brands, just received the motherload.

Two separate brands, Canyon Bakehouse and Schar, within a few days of each other, one a slice bread and the other ciabatta rolls both showing up with holes.

Holy Bread! Just in time for the Papal visit perhaps? Think about it. It’s just too coincidental that the gluten free breads that never have holes, like Udi’s Gluten Free bread does, mysteirously start popping up holes in their breads? I think so.

If you’re lucky enough not to eat gluten free, then spending maybe $2.50 on 20 oz loaf of Wonder bread that might have holes in it probably wont break the bank. BUT if you’re spending $5.49 on 18 oz loaf of Canyon Bakehouse, you have every right to get annoyed when half the loaf is non existant, has numerous holes, or is squashed like the loaf above. Or $6.99 and up for Schar 4 pack of ciabatta rolls and when you go to slice it in half for a sandwich you hear the air escaping and then have the roll crumble apart at your fingertips because there is a huge hole in the middle.

These breads taste delicious, they are the “closest to REAL bread” I’ve had in years. Even my non gluten free boyfriend was scared I was eating “REAL” bread he ripped it out of my mouth when he tasted a slice for himself and was nervous. So yeah, I get a little cranky when I spend a pretty penny on a good quality product just to have it fall short. 😦

So yes I do believe my gluten free favorite bread brands are gearing up for the Papal Visit this week and they are getting into the festivities by placing holes in their breads. Please cease and desist for the good of the Gluten Free People. We love your bread and would enjoy the missing parts even more. 🙂


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