Inspiration, Observations, Worship, Ramblings, and Giggles galore.

I often find my most inspirational moments while sitting quietly at the local organic coffee roaster, or while on a trail walk in the woods. I haven’t been walking lately, the weather hasn’t been cooperating enough for me to get out there and hit the dirt. It’s been damp and rainy or way too hot depending on the day. And the moments that I am willing to go out there and take on my 3 mile tour, I find myself getting into a funk and not wanting to go.

IMG_5183I want to get lost down the rabbit hole, go on an adventure and get lost on the trails. But I always seem to find an excuse. Today I awoke and was destined to go out on the local trail, then the clouds rolled in and the grey gloomy weather started to appear. Breaks of sun and sudden downpours occurred, and the clouds, oh the clouds resembled snow clouds, big puffy fluff filled clouds.

I hate walking in the rain, the mud, and bugs. Mosquitoes have taken over the woods, and the ticks are at an all time high. Not much fun or head clearing space to be had among the trails when I’m constantly swiping at the dive bombing nuisances. The Off spray isn’t even doing its job as it has in the past.

So I retreat to the shop, prop up the laptop and gaze out the window watching the rolling clouds. Feeling the deep stare of peeping eyes. Maybe I look familiar? Maybe I look like I shouldn’t be involved in my laptop? Maybe I have a booger on my face? Who knows! I look up and we make contact, two young girls, barely in their 20’s sipping on cappuccinos, wispy hair and flowy dresses. They notice me noticing them, and break the gaze. Fine and dandy, let me get back to my blogging.

Very hard to keep an active open mind when random words fill the air around me.

“You want to give the best of yourself to the one who was made for you. You don’t have to take up partnership with all the people giving themselves to you. You need to keep self-control, and if you falter, regain composure and repent your ways. Obviously the ones you give yourself to along the path to your destiny have no place in your future and they will never find the one meant for them if they keep searching on their own. Temptation is around every corner, and we have to ward off that temptation with proper worship.”

That conversation gets a must needed reprieve for my ears and mind by a young father who quietly walks in but catches the corner of my eye.

Car carrier in one hand, holding his young daughter no older than 5 with the other hand, he steps up to the counter to order an Americano. Sitting at the closest table they start to play rock paper scissors. The prize ~ a blueberry muffin. She wins! Giggles ensue and her loose blond curls fly side to side with her enthusiasm. That’s when I spy some tiny little toes peeking out from the carrier at his side. The giggles become contagious, filling the airspace and distracting all but the preaching going on behind me.

The whir and whistle of the espresso machine slowly drown out the rest of the conversations. The swoosh of the ice scooper digging out a cupful, the pound of the tamp against the espresso grind filled portafilter, all joining in a symphony creating their masterpiece which promptly gets placed on the pine countertop without missing a beat.

” Hot chai tea latte please, but I’ll be right back. I need to go wash my hands first, is that okay?” Asks the next customer.

The question breaks my gaze out the roadside windows.

“Sure go right ahead. Medium or Large?” “Medium please and thanks”

The symphony begins yet again, just missing the swoosh of the ice scooper this time. He promptly returns. Wearing his sunglasses while inside on a dark and gloomy morning, he sits at the remaining open table. Taking a long slow methodical sip from his cup he exhales the most exhaustive sigh. All eyes upon him now, but he seems unfazed and unaware. Stretching backwards in his chair, arms reaching for the ceiling. Back legs are the only thing supporting him now, he leans deeper into the stretch, but luckily his imminent fall is halted by a small makeshift side-table.

That would have been a sight to see…

Inspiration comes in many forms, some of which we don’t expect and in some of the most delightful ways.

“Jungle love, it’s driving me mad, it’s making me crazy, crazy.”

“Why is that song on your iPod? asks one barista to the other! Don’t you have any good music on there?” He just smiles. And the earworm will stay with me until the next awesome song invades my eardrums.

Join in the Random Musings and Wanderlust ;-)

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