It’s not official until it’s Facebook official! Seriously?!

What is it with labels. Everything has a freaking label.

photo credit: Hot via photopin (license)

photo credit: Hot via photopin (license)

Even things that are obviously self apparent, or at least should be understandable without having to be expressly detailed. Need a freaking label. I dislike labels of a certain kind. It’s like why put a label on it? People and things are often defined by labels.

But why?

Gender, occupation, age, relationship status, just to name a few.

Society is overrun by labels. We need to yell them from the rooftops so everyone can know what we are.

But why?

Can’t we all just exist within the realm of our personal lives as we see fit? So that means if you need or want to share a label so be it, if not, so be it as well.

I’ve always felt, I am not defined by stereotypes or labels. It is what it is, for whatever it is worth. But society has often put lingering questions over our heads. What do you do, your relationship status, your age, and even questionability of ones gender.

I say…Who gives a flying fig what my or your label is!!

But yet I still get asked…So is it official? Friends, family, acquaintances etc all inquiring minds, want to know. Is it official? My dating life that is. I often have said I don’t need no stinkin label, and that is still TRUE. I don’t need a label. But damned if I do and damned if I don’t like the way it sounds. Yes we are dating, he is my boyfriend and I his girlfriend, and although he joked that calling him my Boyfriend at 50 sounds funny, I still love the sound of it.

So when I was asked recently if it was official, instead of cringing at the thought of the sound of it all, I actually felt that little flutter of the good kind and yelled it from the rooftop. Ok I didn’t yell it from a rooftop, I confidently answered, Yes! It felt nice. And friends who had always asked what my relationship status was when I was dating a guy, seemed to ask in a less intrusive way, and were happy to hear the answer I gave them. I’m sure that the way they asked this time, was no different from any other time before. It was just the relationship that had been in wasn’t at that level. Granted it was longer time together with no label slapped upon it, it just wasn’t right.

This, this feels right, really right.

IMG_6227But no, I’m not making it Facebook official. What is up with that crap anyway? Changing a relationship status on Facebook, is like changing underwear for some people. It has no significant purpose, except in fleeting moments of garnering attention perhaps.

I did however recently post on Facebook, that He met my Mom and some extended family at my second cousins high school graduation party.

Where’s his picture?

Does he really exist?

Some of the questions asked. Nothing intrusive, and considering who they came from, were actually kind of funny to be asked. But then other people were sending me private messages asking the same questions that had been answered on the status thread. Apparently my answer that we were so involved with the festivities we didn’t think to take any Selfies of ourselves. Ohhhh the horror. Actually enjoying an event, to not be so self-absorbed. Wasn’t sufficient enough for them. Well screw you too. You’re the reason I don’t like to discuss my relationship status.

There are too many people in the world who would rather see you miserable than happy. Misery loves company. I often feel that when I am happy and discuss parts of my relationship with some people, it’s as if they would rather see me be unhappy, they try to undermine and plant seeds of doubt, whatever they can to make the level of happy diminish.

I don’t have time for those people, and have learned to distance myself from them, even if it is family.

Bottom line is, does it truly make a difference what your status is? Does it enhance your qualities as a person if you are in a relationship or not? Does it make you a better person if you are labeled one particular way or another?

I don’t think so, because at the end of the day you can slap a dress and some lipstick on a shit covered pig and you know what, it’s still a shit covered Pig.

Yes I have a boyfriend, and I’m extremely happy with him. I’m going to shout it from the rooftops. But, I’m still not making it Facebook official to satisfy the masses. If you are in my personal immediate life, you will be lucky enough to meet him and get to know the great man, father, and boyfriend he is. Some already have been lucky to meet him, there’s even a photo on Facebook of us at a 4th of July party. Even if I feel huge in it 😉 I’m happy and happy is so much better than a label 🙂 Or is being happy a label unto itself….?

8 thoughts on “It’s not official until it’s Facebook official! Seriously?!

  1. Omg yes! It drives me nuts when people claim they don’t like labels yet use them for others. I always told myself that when I’m in a relationship I would never change my status on Facebook!

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    • It really is no ones business but so many people are interested in the small details of your life. I will happily introduce him as my boyfriend, but I don’t need a status to confirm it. You do what you feel is right and don’t let anyone else dictate how you do it.


  2. Yes! I have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years now and I have never put him in my realtionship status on Facebook. Because my family and friends who are really close to me and who I care about all know him and they all know how much I love him and that I want to spend my life with him. And that’s enough. It’s noone else’s business anyway. You love doesn’t need to be recognized by anyone but you and your partner. And you are absolutely write to cut out people who make you feel bad about being happy or who ask you questions wether he’s really your boyfriend. Just ask yourself: Do you love each other? Are you happy together? Do you see a future with each other? If you answer yes to all of this questions, then you’re set. You need nothing else. Enjoy your love life and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


    • Thank you very much. I really believe that the people who really matter in your life are the only ones who need to know anything, and even sometimes those people don’t need to know it all.
      For the most part I keep my personal business as personal and don’t really talk about it to too many people. So even blogging about it is out of my comfort zone, but in the same respect it’s kind of liberating. 🙂 In the end it is what it is and it’s all good. That’s what matters most to me.


    • You’d be surprised as to the amount of people who actually do hold interest in that status. I remember when my ex & I broke up 5 years ago, and we changed our status to single. The floodgates opened up and everyone and their mother had to comment on it.
      People by nature are curious beings, sometimes nosey, but curious none the less.
      Yep, real life, imagine that 🙂

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  3. I don’t need any official Facebook status to tell me you’re happy. If you say you are that’s all the should figging matter! Right?! I, too, detest all the labels and categorizing. I’m thrilled for you and I don’t have to see it to believe it. It’s really between the two of you anyway. Yay for you!


    • Thank you so much, that’s very sweet of you to say. I honestly don’t see a need for the labeling, especially on a site like Facebook. Real life is all that matters and at the end of the day happiness is all that matters. It’s just so interesting to see how quite a handful of people feel that need to put that status out there. To each their own 🙂


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