And to think, all it took was for me walking through that door yet again, it was him all along…

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He looked extremely familiar but I couldn’t place him, at first…

That’s all I kept thinking that night, as Bella dyed my hair, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how I knew him. By the next morning my mind was still racing.

Don’t you hate that? When you know a face, but you just can’t remember the person. It was so frustrating and it was on my mind nonstop. I tried not to think about the mystery man for the last few days of my trip, but I’m not that good at those kinds of things. Every so often I would sneak a look at his picture and rack my brain trying to figure out who the heck he was.

No use in that, said Bella. Send him a message instead of trying to figure it out, and tell him that he looks familiar. All good ideas, but one reason not to do such a thing…he didn’t write to me, and my curious wandering mind was thinking of all sorts of things as to why he didn’t.

Maybe it’s because he knew who I was and wasn’t interested. Or maybe it’s because my age range was 30 – 45 year old Men, and he was 49, but he didn’t look 49 to me. There isn’t really a “49 year old man, look” but in my eyes he could have passed for 43. He also had the section marked for wanting children as already having them but not wanting more. Mine was checked as not having kids, ok if my partner does, and I want kids of my own. Obviously an important issue when you both don’t want the same thing.

Oh well, I thought. Let’s just enjoy the vacation and put this all out of my mind.

I left Pennsylvania a few days later and when I arrived home, I had to catch up on my errands and get some medical supplies for my stepdad. He uses a nebulizer and his medication cups needed to be replaced. It sounds funny but whenever there is a holiday or his birthday, I buy him a couple extra because I know he goes through them. Father’s day & his birthday weren’t for another two months, but he went through the ones from Christmas. Plus I had told my Sissy that I would send her one or two for her sons to try since the kind I get at the medical supply place out here, in my opinion, has the best ones on the market. They concentrate the medicine into a finer mist and you also get all of the medicine as opposed to the other kinds who often leave a percentage of the medicine in the cup.

So I ran my regular errands that day and was exhausted, but needed to make the trip to the medical supply store because his last cup was cracked and he didn’t have any more left in his stash. Hoping that I made it there in time, since they close around 4/4:30 I rushed to beat the traffic that builds up around the area during this rush hour period and made it just in time.

The guy that works there is always very nice and we often end up chatting for a little while each time I go. I don’t go there too often, maybe once every 3-6 months and I pick up a couple of cups. I’ve been going there about 2 1/2 – 3 years, each time I go, it seems as if he remembers me from my last visit. Asking how my stepdad is doing, we make small talk etc. This time when I walked in, I was greeted by a balloon bouquet. Happy 50th Birthday. Awe it’s someones birthday I thought.

He walks up front to greet me, asks how I’m doing and then says…You came to visit me on my birthday, I turned 50 today. I look at him, look at the balloons, look at him again, and say… 50? you? No way. You’ve got to be around my age. He says, your age? No I wish I was that young. It’s the big five oh for me. I keep looking at him and say, I’m not that young either. This banter goes on for a bit and we laugh about how he just turned 50 and I’m 40 and then he discusses his birthday party he had a couple of days ago. He did a big one for his 50th. A wedding without the wedding he called it. That’s when he mentions one of his friends telling him… You’re such a great guy, you need to find yourself a great woman, maybe try doing online dating. “Little do they know, I’m already on and a few others”

I stare at him and say, “You’re on Match?”

He stares back, “Yeah I am. Wait a minute!!” he exclaims. “Come with me” Motioning to the back of the store.

I’m kind of surprised and just stand there, then he asks again, “Come, just for a minute, I wont bite”

So I go…

In the back office there is a huge computer monitor and I see his photo on the screen. Once he sits down, he says “You’re on Match too, aren’t you? I knew you looked familiar but couldn’t figure out how. What’s your name on there?”

“Wait a minute, that was YOU?” I kind of squealed like a school girl.

“Yep, and I’m figuring that was you!”

We both laugh uncontrollably and as he pulls up my profile he exclaims… “45? Really? You’ll go down to 30 but no older than 45? What’s that all about? That’s why I didn’t write you, I knew there was a reason.”

I couldn’t stop laughing, “Ha, I was trying to figure out why you didn’t send me a message, and that was one of the reasons I was toying with. Either that or you just weren’t interested.”

We chatted for a while about what was written in both of our profiles, he showed me photos of his sons, and I told him how his photos don’t do him any justice. Stopping myself short mid sentence and saying…”wait a minute, I’m not about to give you dating site profile help over here” He found my humor and with that the entrance bell was ringing. Someone was entering the store so he had to go up front, where I left my pocketbook the last 45 minutes while we were talking. I followed him, grabbed my pocketbook and he took care of business. I had to hang around a little longer because I still didn’t get what I came in for. When the lady left a few phone calls came in and kept interrupting our conversation yet again.

But the first free second we got he exclaimed.. ” So how come all the times you’ve been in here you’ve never asked me out?”

“Me? What about you? How come you’ve never asked me? Honestly I didn’t know if you were married or not, you’ve often talked about your children so I wasn’t sure if there was a Mrs.”

Him, showing his wedding ring finger, barren of any sign. “Me? Nope, not married, divorced for a few years now. And I thought you were with someone, possibly married too.”

I show him my empty hand and we continue to laugh.

He walks around from behind the display counter and looks at me with his adorable little smirk, and asks, “Would you be interested in going out to dinner with me?”

He swears that when I answered “Yes, I’d like that” I had a moment of hesitation and a tilt of my head. I probably did tilt my head, but he took it as a sign that maybe I wasn’t so sure about going out with him. I think maybe a part of me wondered if he asked just because of the conversation. He’s told me since we’ve talked about this, that if he wasn’t interested he wouldn’t have asked, he doesn’t operate that way. I’ve come to learn, he is a man of his word and says what he means.

So we set up our first date for the following night since he had his sons that evening for boy scouts. I told him he better hurry up and get back to work before the boss got upset he wasted so much time on my 2 nebulizer cup order. He laughed this deep belly laugh and said. “Boss? I’m the boss, I do as I please.”

“I’m sure the boss would love to hear you talk like that, but seriously I’ll let you get back to work.”

“I’m serious, that’s my name out there on the storefront sign.” he said.

I had absolutely no idea, so I joked and said, “Well just remember I said yes to our date thinking you were an employee not an owner”

Luckily he got/gets my humor, as bad and off point as it is. I let him get back to work to finish up his day and we set plans to have dinner the following night. I left there with such a smile on my face, and I’m happy to say that smile hasn’t really left me since that day. Only leaving me during some difficult family medical ordeals, that he has been so sweet, kind and caring about, that he helps restore that smile when it’s desperately needed.

And to think, all it took was for me walking through that door yet again, it was him all along…


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