My newest obsession:Shaken not stirred 

I walked into the local organic coffee roasters yesterday afternoon to find the barista shaking a cocktail shaker.

What!? Have they started offering spiked drinks?! That would be amazing. A little Sambuca with my coffee, hmmm. But no that was not to be. Instead I present to you the Shakearato

Shakeroni, or as I like to call it a Shakearita!!

I immediately was intrigued after ordering my usual iced coffee with caramel sauce, when I asked what the heck was shaking back there. This concoction was right up my ally.

4 shots of espresso, shaken with ice, and homemade caramel sauce. Bliss in a cup with enough caffeine to keep me going. I immediately switched from my usual to partake in this creation, but with only 3 shots.

After the first sip I was hooked. It has the foam of a cappuccino, the sweet smooth caramel drizzle, and fresh brewed espresso iced to perfection all mixing together like a symphony as it danced the tango on my tongue.

Ok a little over dramatic but seriously it is blissful. So much so that I’m here bright and early this morning to have another, with the full 4 shots!

Even this dreary Friday morning can’t dampen the mood set up by this cup. I love iced coffee and it’s the season. Even when the temperatures aren’t cooperating, how can you resist the temptation.


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